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Solomark Universal Cell Phone Adapter Review

Solomark Universal Cell Phone Adapter Review

We have been taking photos and digiscoping for five years with my cellphone camera mounted on my spotting scope. I got extraordinary images by pairing my cell phone with a good spotting scope. This is why we decided to write this Solomark Universal Cell Phone Adapter review to let you know how to capture zoomed images without paying any attention to the camera setting.

We divided this Solomark Cell Phone Adapter review into few segments for your convenient understanding.

Feature Analysis of Solomark Universal Cell Phone Adapter

1. Dig scoping Adapter

The universal design is compatible with binocular, monocular, telescope, microscope, spotting scope, night vision, and most optical device. The only requirement is that the diameter of the eyepiece should be 28mm to 47mm. As this product comes with width range 54 to 90mm, it fits all renowned model of smartphones.

2. Durable metal materials

Solomark Universal Cell Phone Adapter is made of Aluminum. The mobile clamping part is made of high-strength PA plastic. If you buy one, you can use it for a long time.

3. Safe and Scratch-free

It does not cause any damage and scratch on your devices. While using this adapter, your phone will be covered by soft materials.


  • Materials Aluminum and Plastic
  • Width Range 54-90 mm
  • Weight 5.8oz
  • Dimension 1.6″ x 3.5″ x 6.3″


  • Universal design.
  • Covers phone with soft materials
  • Compatible with most of the scopes
  • Does not reduce image quality
  • Durable construction


  • Not for hunting

Final Verdict

This is the final part of our cell phone Adapter review. You can buy a Solomark Universal Cell Phone Adapter for versatile uses except hunting. The adapter which mounts with the rifle scope is much costly.

Other than this downside, this universal Solomark Cell Phone Adapter is an excellent addition to your photography tools if you own a scope. So, make your decision to buy a new one and stop thinking about your zoom, exposure, and ISO setting.

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