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How to Clean Scope Lens Without Damaging the Lens

How to Clean Scope Lens
Written by Toby Daniels
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Do you care your scope as like your rifle? Maybe not, maybe yes. But if you want to take care of your scope; you need to clean the lens regularly and properly. What it takes to clean scope lens properly? You can find best scopes here if you think your scope is not that handy.

Cleaning a scope lens is an easy task but you need to do it carefully. Otherwise, you will do harm to your scope lens. So, read through the article and apply each instruction step by step to clean the scope lens successfully.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Clean the Scope Lens?

Before going to the cleaning part, we want to give you some reasons why you should clean your scope lens regularly and properly. Many things could happen if you do not clean it properly. Let’s gave a look at that part.

When you use your scope regularly it was affected by dirt, dust, and smudge or even fungal growth. These may cause decreasing of your scope’s performance. You may see blurry images mostly in the poor light conditions like dusk or dawn. You may not get the right performance if dirt or dust attached on the front of your scope lens.

So, if you want to save the multi-coated optics from serious damages and prolong your scope lens life, you need to take proper care of it and clean it properly. If you clean the scope lens, it will provide you great performance as like pokemon critical hit.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Clean the Scope Lens?

In Pokémon games, there is a term ‘critical hit’ which is for using a scope lens. If Pokémon holds it, it raises the critical hit rate which will damage the enemy’s life bar.

Dos and Don’Ts of Cleaning a Scope Lens?

You may say, what is the harm if I clean it with water or alcohol? Or why should I follow the instructions? You asked the right question but your thinking is not good for your scope lens. Do you know some shooters call their scopes ‘my baby scope’? Yes, they take care of their scopes as good as they would do for their babies.

Dos and Don’Ts of Cleaning a Scope Lens?

Now, there raises a question, with what type of material we should use to clean the scope lens? It is a crucial thing to select the right material. Here are our some recommendations below that you can follow.

  • Do not use normal cotton fabrics or your T-shirt to clean your scope lens. It may harm your lens coating.
  • Do not use water or alcohol. It may give you extra junks than cleaning it.
  • Do not use your thumb to remove the dust. It may cause some stain in the lens.
  • Use high-grade fabrics specially made for optic cleaning. It will clean your scope lens with care.
  • Use only recommended lens cleaning spray. It helps you to remove the dust, dirt or stain properly.

Use Lens pen to remove dust. It is highly recommended before using the lens cleaning spray.

How to Clean Scope Lens Properly?

Now it’s time for cleaning. First gently brush off the bulky elements of dust and dirt that may have gathered on the surface of the lens. You should use a lens pen that will clean the lens without making any scratches on the lens. When you do cleaning, always make sure that the lens pen is totally free of oil or grease. This will avoid such toxins been transferred to the surface of the glass.

After using the lens pen, look for tough and hard stains on the scope lens. If you found one, it is time for applying lens cleaning spay. Just apply the cleaning spray on the surface of the lens. And now wipe with a microfiber cloth.

How to Clean Scope Lens Properly?

We highly recommend using a soft, thick and, more importantly, chemical-free high-grade microfiber cloth with it which is specially made for lens cleaning. With this cleaning cloth, you can wipe down the surface of the glass with a squeegee. You can dry out the glass with this cotton too. Just, use the dry part that you didn’t apply with spray.

Well, you have learned the easy trick in an easy way. It is like checking destiny scopes before using it. Maybe, you can now clean your lens scope properly and take care of your baby scope regularly.

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