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What Is a Jack Plate on a Boat – Everything You Need To Know!

What Is a Jack Plate on a Boat
Written by Robert Townsend
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Shallow water often represents a nightmare to those who are on their first or second fishing journey. A jack plate can offer a good way out, but you need to ensure you have the right one. The best jack plate enables people to run easily in shallower water while enjoying the game of fishing with complete satisfaction. What if your jack plate is less than good or what you need? Don’t even think about that. Read our guide to finding the best jack plate and choose wisely.

What Is a Jack Plate and How It Works?

Jack plate is a type of special mounting bracket. It is used on an outboard motor. This device can lower or raise the motor vertically.

This tool will allow you a smooth run in a shallow area. Not only will that it help you to get on the plane of the shallow water. There are more benefits you will like. You will know it in another section. So, how does it work this would be a question. Here it goes in a simple brief way.

What Is a Jack Plate and How It Works?

When you are going on just on standard engine mounts, you can only mount it higher on calm water. But on the shallow water, you can not do it. That’s when jack plate shows its magic.

You can raise the engine up with the jack plate until it comes on the verge of cavitation. Thus, you can easily run and startup to a far shallower depth without damaging your equipment. As you must raise propeller and the skeg higher, this is must have add-on for your fishing boat.

What Happens When You Go Without a Jack Plate?

You might be thinking why jack plate is so necessary for your fishing boat. Before that discussion, you should know what will happen with using this add-on. While boating in shallow water, different stems like propeller and skeg will hang below your hull. No matter whether you are going to get up on a plane from a standstill or already running in a plane of shallow water.

Without jack plate, your boat will go through a spinning process that can trim the tabs all the way down. To swallow up your stems, you should lift them rather than tilting them.

Why You Need This Tool on Your Boat?

Now, it comes to answer your question, why you need a jack plate. Several reasons can help you to understand do you need it or not.

Why You Need This Tool on Your Boat?

Enter Easily in Shallow Water

Jack plate enables you to get into shallow water easily. With engine up, you can safely navigate shallow water for searching fish.

Help to Get out of Shallow Water

It also allows you to tuck under and heat up on the plane in the shallow water.

Improve Handling

It also enhances handling. It allows the propeller more traction in the water.

Go Faster

This tool speeds up your boat. It lifts up engine and positions propeller closure to the water line. Thus, reduces drag that helps to increase speed. It also places your propeller in cleaner water. So, you can work more efficiently

Enhance Fuel Economy

This tool also improves fuel economy by reducing the extra use of fuel. It makes the boat running with less drag. That cuts out the extra use of fuel.

Buying Guide for the Best Jack Plate

Before you buy a boat jack plate, you must know the major factors of a jack plate. The type you are choosing that is good for you or not is a vital question. Here, is a guideline, so you choose the best one for you.

Different Types of Jack Plate

Different boat jack plates are available in the market. You must know the type so that you can buy the right one. Two styles mainly you can find. One is Hydraulic Jack Plate, and the other is Manual Jack Plates

Hydraulic Jack Plate

This type of jack plate is powered hydraulically. It is a simple add-on to the mount. It makes easier for outboard engine trip to fix and down. This tool operates hydraulic pressure at the control of the operator to maneuver place.

Manual Jack Plates

It is almost the same as the coil plate. It moves up and down the outboard engine. Though some adjustment is required, you must have experienced a bulky process to release bolts and nuts. The bright side of this tool is that you can afford the tool easily.

Which Jack Plate Is the Best Fit for You?

Buying a tool depends on the reasons you are using it for. The one that meets the most of your needs is the right one for you; no matter which brand has made that and how impressive it looks.

When Is a Hydraulic Jack Plate the Best Fit for You?

Hydraulic jack plate is a bit expensive. If you are planning to go on bass fishing or other recreational purposes, the hydraulic type will be a good fit. When you need regular changes in the position of the outboard, hydraulic type of jack plate is highly recommended.

When to Use a Manual Jack Plate?

While you need an affordable and lightweight plate, a manual one will be the best fit. But, you need to put some extra effort for an adjustment of the jack plate.

Here is a brief discussion about a jack plate for your fishing boat. Now you are clear about which one you need the most. Buy the best jack plate for your fishing boat. Have an amazing experience of sailing in shallow water!

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