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Best Drop Point Knife
Written by Toby Daniels
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Are you an adventurous human? If you’re, you have good ideas about a survival knife and the benefits of having one in the pocket. Whether you are planning to have a journey to the highest peak of the mountain, or somehow you got yourself lost in the wilderness, a drop point knife can be a lifesaver and assist you in surviving extreme surroundings. As you are reading this article, you must be here for searching the best tool and learning about the drop point survival knife. Here is a brief discussion of all the significant criteria’s of this tool along with a comprehensive buying guide.

In short, this is a survival tool that helps you to go through in extreme outdoor conditions. This tool is handy enough to keep in a pocket. Partial tang knife or a solid folding knife is the most for using a survival knife.

In general, clip point, drop point, and spear point knives are popular survival knives. These knives feature blade tip closer to the center line. Thus, these knives provide greater user control than the other type of knives like  Nessmuk, trailing point knives, etc.

Drop Point Survival Knife

It is a type of survival knife. It houses drop point blade, and thus it is named so.  It provides a large area for slicing with a strong holding opportunity. The most common is a drop point hunting knife. Swiss army knives are another popular example though it features a large drop point blade.

Drop Point Survival Knife

Why Drop Point Survival Knife Should Be Used

If you set on a journey without drop point knife that can cause you injury during survival event. This knife provides you with the opportunity to avoid unwanted injury

Lower Point

Drop point survival knife creates lowered point as the back edge of this knife runs in a slow curved manner straight from handle to tip. This lower point adds strength and extra control to the knife.

Strong Tip

It provides a much strong tip. This allows the tip to hold up to heavy use. Which helps to deal with more tactical events?

Controllable Point

This knife features a controllable point. That makes it suitable for hunting. As it allows you to avoid accidentally nicking internal organs and ruining the meat.

Large Belly Area

It also has a large belly area to slice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Drop Point

A drop point knife has few advantages over other knives. It has a sharper and stronger point. You can also control it. This tool has unique quality for slicing.  It offers plenty of cutting edges. In another term, it houses belly cutting edge for slicing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Drop Point

Though it has superior quality over other knives, like other tools, it also has a limitation. The point it holds is not sharper than clip point blade (another survival tool). It also limits the suitability for piercing.

Buying Guide for drop point survival knife

You must choose the best item for survival issues. Your drop point survival knife should be sturdy enough so that it should not break easily. It should also be flexible and user-friendly.

Features you must look for buying a point drop knife. Here is a brief buying manual for you:

Ergonomic Design

You must look for a knife that is ergonomically designed yet flexible. The handle of this tool must be comfortable. So that, when using for a period, it will not cause health issues. Especially in hand. Ergonomic design will reduce pressure on hand and thus reduces fatigue.

Blade Material

Before buying a knife, you must ensure the blade of the knife is durable. You have to know which material is used for the knife blade. Two different types of steels are available for blades. One is non-stainless along with carbon steel and tool steel. Another is stainless steel with chromium content.

High Carbon Steel

These blades are tougher and less prone to break. They are also easier to sharpen. But, they are more likely to corrosion and doesn’t hold edge good enough like stainless steel.

Stainless Steel

These blades are sharper than other steel blades. They also hold an edge well and less prone to corrosion. But they are not as tough as high carbon steel. They inclined to breakage.

Blade Length

Blade length is another important thing that you must note. What length you do need for your job. Larger one or smaller will do the job.

About 6 to 7.5 inches blades are really heavy duty while 3.5 inches to 5 inches are much better suited for more delicate tasks

Blade Grind

The next factor you must look at is the blade grind. The two most common blade grinds include the sabre grind and flat grind.

Fixed or Folding Blade System

Folding survival issues a folding knife is the best fit. A pocket knife is always handy to carry and use. A folding knife allows an extra breaking point that makes it suitable for survival. But you must take a fixed knife as a primary source.

Uses of Drop Point Knives in Survival Event

Drop point knives allow a wide range of applications. It helps to finish up a lot of survival chores like carve, skin, slice, and even pry as well as a dig, etc.

Whether you are love hunting, clamping or another adventure lover, you cannot go wrong to select the right drop point knife for you. Choose the best drop point survival knife as your ultimate companion. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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