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Nikon Monarch 3 Review : BDC Riflescope

Nikon MONARCH 3 BDC Riflescope

When you are searching for any quality optics, you can assume Nikon makes it. Nikon has got a wide product line. They almost cover every part of optics. Binoculars, spotting scope, camera lens, video recorder you will get every type of support from Nikon.

The Nikon Monarch 3 comes in a simple cardboard box. It might appear or look simple at first glance, but you will get what you want from a rifle scope. You will get the basic user manual, covers to protect the lens, registration and warranty information, and a huge lens cloth with the package. The lens cloth is nice to touch, and obviously, it helps a user in many ways.

The Nikon Monarch 3 feels well-constructed and solid in the first touch. This piece of Nikon rifle scope is made using a single tube to improve durability and the precision. Anodized finish of the tool gives the strong feeling to the user. The optic is painted black to give the elegant feel. The scope is as long as a 50mm lens should be but its length and diameter do not make it heavy. It’s comfortable to carry anywhere you want.

Whom is Nikon Monarch 3 For?

Normal shooting practice or hunting job Nikon Monarch 3 can help you in every situation. It has got the clear view to make you feel at home. It’s easy to set the zero and concentrate on the target in a comfortable way. As this scope is simple to use, it can be a good option for the beginners to get accustomed to the scope and get a better result on their shooting practice. It will help them to grow confident and perform better in the near future.

Nikon MONARCH 3 BDC Riflescope Explained

The best thing about this Nikon Monarch 3 is its 50 mm objective lens. Having 50mm objective lens with a Riflescope is really awesome. It helps to get a better image of the objects. It’s really rare to get a 50 mm lens in this price. You have to keep in mind that the larger the lens, the wider the eye relief you get.

Nikon monarch scope helps the users to get a better view of the object with its 4-16x magnification. Without any magnification, you will get a 4x view of the object comparing to the naked eye which makes the targeting really easy for a shooter.

A fully multicoated lens with Nikon Monarch 3 has made the watching through a lens enjoying as it transmits 95% light to get the best view of the target and surroundings. You might be thinking about the field of view by now. Just as like any other high magnification lens, it’s field of view is shorter. You’ll get to watch 6.3 feet to 25.2 feet of terrain at 100 yards limit.

Mounting is also comfortable for this one inch Nikon Monarch 3. You might feel annoyed as it does not come with the mounting ring. To set it up on your rifle you need to get a set of scope rings.


  • Product Dimensions 4.7 x 5.4 x 20.1 inches
  • Weight 1.21 pounds
  • Item model number 6775


  • 95% light transmission with ultra-clear coat optical
  • Clear and bright optics
  • Spring Loaded Zero-Reset Turrets
  • Interchangeable Turret Technology
  • Spot On Ballistic Match Technology
  • Hand-turn 1/4 MOA windage and elevation adjustments
  • Single piece body tubes run for long
  • Enhanced mount ring spacing
  • Eyebox Technology with MONARCH 3
  • Smooth zoom control gives better performance
  • Water and Fog proof lens


  • The reticle lines are not perfect for an object at long distance; it gets thick. Wish to get a thinner crosshair
  • No scope rings with the package

Our Remarks

Riflescopes have changed many things for the shooters. Low power scopes are getting the popularity these days as hunters have found this type of lens really comfortable to use because you can’t only rely on scopes when you are going for hunting. Nikon Monarch 3 covers all the areas in a simpler way that makes the things really convenient for the shooters. Redfield Revolution 3-9×40 Ultimate Solution for Hunting also can be a great support for you when you are looking for a scope that allows the shooter to use his instincts also.


Question : What is the MOA of this tool?
Answer :You will get a ¼ MOA from this optic.

Question : What is the highest magnification you can get from this scope?
Answer :The manual says you will get a magnification of 4 to 16x

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