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Landove Spotting Scope Reviews – Waterproof Field Scope

Sometimes, it becomes hard to target a distant object clearly with a binocular. When the distance is more than hundred feet or so, it becomes almost impossible to differentiate. Spotting scope starts working where binoculars stop. Go through this Landove Spotting Scope review and learn about this in detail.

Landove Spotting Scope can get so close to your targeted object that you will be able to have a detailed view of that. You can use it for observing, birding, photography, hunting and many other sports.

This particular spotting scope can zoom distant objects easily. Additionally, for being portable, you can bring it to anywhere. To have an in-depth overview of this spotting scope you have to go through the entire Landove Spotting Scope review.

Feature Analysis of Landove Spotting Scope

We have tried to mention some key features of this spotting scope in this Landove Spotting Scope review so that you can have a clear overview of it.

1. Multi-coated glass

The glass of this 80mm green film objective lens has been constructed with fully coated multi-layers. Additionally, the eyepiece and prism have also been constructed so. This gives you a clearer, brighter and optimal view of the object and will also maintain the contrast. So you will have a crisp image.

2. Dynamic focus

The lens also has a dynamic focus system, which ensures better ability to zoom on your target and variable magnification of 20x to 60x.

3. Weather friendly

Landove Spotting Scope is an ideal weather friendly equipment. It can work effectively both in dry and rainy weather. For being water and fog proof, your vision will not get interrupted by the change of weather.

4. Portability

\The spotting scope comes in a handy and portable shape so that you can bring it to any adventurous journey. It works great for astronomy, marine, hunting and general activities that requires better observation.

5. Includes

Moreover, the offer includes an adapter for cell phone, carrying case, eyepiece, lens protection cover, cleaning cloth, handy straps.


  • Dimensions 18.8 x 6.8 x 5.1 inches
  • Weight 4.19 pounds
  • Lens diameter 80mm
  • Eye relief 17.9mm-15mm
  • Prism BAK4


  • Portable scope
  • Easy to clean
  • Fog-free clear vision
  • Dynamic focus
  • Waterproof


  • Price

Final Verdict

Hunters and wildlife lovers know how the magnification power and other technical aspects of a spotting cope matter in its performance. Landove Spotting Scope is, as many customers have talked about, one of the expensive models with a lot of things to look into.

The sign of optimism is that the scope is ideal for everyone with a little basic understanding of how a spotting scope works. For many, it will present no learning curve. In our Landove Spotting Scope review, we have offered you a practical excerpt of the scope’s performance. Now, you might find it less troublesome to make a choice.

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