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SVBONY Spotting Scope Review – 25-75x70mm Bird Scopes

SVBONY Spotting Scope Telescope 25-75x70mm Bird Scopes Review

Are you an adventure lover? Have to take some small equipment on your journey? Then bringing a binocular must be a hassle for you? We know something that can replace your old binocular and also can give you better performance. SVBONY Spotting Scope review will let you know about that product.

Feature Analysis of SVBONY Spotting Scope

The amazing features of this spotting have taken our glance at first sight. We would love to share those mesmerizing features with you too. So here is those,

1. Magnification

The scope has a variable zoom of 25x to 75x magnification, which gives you more detailed and clear view. Additionally, the dynamic system of lens focusing will make your target detecting easier.

2. Objective lens

For having a large objective lens with 70mm diameter, the scope can provide you with a more detailed view and also will maintain the brightness of the image.

3. High index prism

The SVBONY Spotting scope has a high index Bak4 prisms glass, which ensures the projected sides of the targeted object be the same as it is in reality.

4. Anti-reflection coating

The glasses of the scope has been constructed with multiple layers, which are coated with an anti-reflection coating. This ensures maximum brightness, highest resolution and clear edges of the image.

5. Water and fog proof

As we have mentioned in this SVBONY Spotting Scope review before, the scope can safeguard itself from water and fog. This makes the spotting scope weather friendly.

6. Sunshade

The extended sunshade attached to the scope will reduce glare along with protecting the lens from scratches, heavy raindrops or any other damages.


  • Dimensions 360x92x145mm
  • Item Weight 3.64 pounds
  • Eyepiece diameter 15mm
  • Exit relief 16-14mm


  • Portable and lightweight scope
  • High light transmission
  • Reduce reflection of light
  • Easy to zoom
  • Eye relief


  • Flimsy stand

Final Verdict

We have reached the end of this writing; we have a little more information to share. We have found that the stand of the scope is little flimsy. It may result in the scope moving. But this is not a big matter to be worried about.

This happens only when you place it on an uneven surface. So while placing the SVBONY Spotting scope, you should choose a smooth surface or adjust the pedals of the stand accordingly with the support of some other substance.

We wish this SVBONY Spotting Scope review has helped you to have a clear overview of this spotting scope. We also hope you to have an efficient buying decision too.

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