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Ueasy Smartphone Capturer Universal Cell Phone Adapter

Ueasy Smartphone Adapter Mount Review

Do you love birding, site viewing and taking long distance photos? If you have a telescope or spotting scope, you can easily use your cellphone to take photos. To do this, you need an extra component called Smartphone Adapter. Ueasy Smartphone Adapter Mount is a one-piece adapter whose eyepiece and phone case are attached to a metal frame.
Along with good adjustability, Ueasy Smartphone Adapter Mount comes with many more features that minimized vignette and allows more light to enter into your cellphone. So many good things, right? Let’s get to the critical part, our review of the mount, and you will learn the truth.

Feature Analysis

1. Premium Construction

The whole adapter is made of aluminum, but the phone case is a plastic case but does not compromise to provide a strong grip. The aluminum frame ensures long-term use with one-time purchase. You can accurately adjust your cell phone easily as the clamp has an adjustable locking mechanism. Here steel bolt has been used for precise adjustment.

2. Wide Adaptability

The phone case can hold iPhone 7plus/7/6plus/6/5s/5, Samsung, Sony, Sony Xperia Z and if you have a phone within 54-90mm width that is not listed here. This is a universal cell phone adapter mount that designed for the most of the latest smartphones. You can use it as both monocular adapter and binocular adapter as this adapter suits eyepieces within 28mm-47mm diameter.

3. All-Round Protection

The plastic case features high-density EVA pads which ensure the best protection of your phone’ screen. Slip your phone and enjoy your birding and spotting without any damage to your screen or surfaces.


  • Weight 5 ounces
  • Dimensions 6.1 x 2.8 x 2 inches
  • Materials Aluminum and Plastic
  • Compatibility Universal


  • Smooth operation with any model of smartphones
  • Precise adjustment with a metal screw.
  • Premium metal and plastic quality
  • Wide compatibility with scopes


  • Not easy to pocket

Final Verdict

Ueasy Smartphone Adapter Mount is a one-piece digiscoping adapter including eyepiece and phone case that are not detachable. So, it is not easy to pocket when attached to the phone.
However, T=this is an inexpensive adapter mount which eases your long distant photography. Additionally, it allows for passing lights precisely to get the best view of the object.
For its universal design, we have tested in our rifle scope. As the eyepiece stay very carefully to the scope, we found that this adapter is slightly inefficient for hunting.

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