How to Train Your Dog for Bird Hunting

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How to Train Your Dog for Bird Hunting

If you have a new puppy, and you want him to be your favorite bird hunting buddy, you’ll need to impart it some hunting training. Instilling some skills will help the dog to hunt birds quite efficiently, and you can count on the trained bud for hunting a wide variety of birds including pheasant, ducks, quail, doves, and many more. The job is not as tedious as teaching your dog how to play big chompy bird hunting. Keep reading!

Two different segments of the training include flushing out the birds, so shooting becomes easy and fetching the kills. With the appropriate training, your puppy will not only be able to help you effectively hunt a bird, besides that it will serve as a loyal and loving pal for the lifetime. If you want to block up your hunting stacks with birds and your heart with adoration, follow these modest steps to select, train, and improve an excellent bird hunting dog. Not all the dogs can be trained with this method. It works best with Spaniels, Terriers, Pointers, and Retrievers.

Step 1 : Analyzing the different types of bird hunting dogs

Numerous types of dogs are suitable for hunting bird. Only a few are the best. They are Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Springer Spaniels. Check out the different types and choose which one is finest for you and your hunting quests. You must also be aware of the quantity of attention a specific breed will need. Most dogs require a lot of room to run while others don’t need. Choose a dog that you can offer a good home for.


Step 2 : Choosing A Bird Hunting Dog

Though there are many fully trained dogs are available to hunt a bird, it is commonly best to teach your pup. By giving time to prepare a pup will not only be suitable for your hunting style but also give you an obedient and loyal dog.

Make sure you use a popular breeder. For more information, you can study breeders online or at your surrounding dog clubs or hunting clubs.


Step 3 : Familiarizing the Puppy with Water

Implant the impression that water is good, and water is great when it comes to having some play in the water. It is an approach to get rewards. Firstly, you can begin with a small pull, and immediately your puppy will be prepared for open water.

Step 4 : Teaching the Dog How to Sit and Stay

Though these are elementary and cliché dog instructions, they assist as the introductory instructions for more difficult hunting demands. You can use food as a way to teach sit. You can hold food over the dog’s head. Instruct the dog to sit while concurrently pressing mildly on the dog’s back legs. When your dog sits, give him that food. You need to do this method over and over. Quickly your dog will sit at the first peep of a treat. Ultimately, he or she will be seated without needing a treat.


Step Five : Introducing the dog to a Decoy and the Scent of A Bird

It is essential that your dog rapidly recognize the dissimilarity among a real bird and a decoy. You can use bird scent and decoy to train your dog. You have to make sure to throw the decoy far away from the pup, so they are capable of finding out where the decoy is and distinguishes the dissimilarity between a real bird and a dummy.


Step 6 : Practicing the Steps Daily

You need to make this bird hunting training fun and enjoyable and reward your dog for this training period.

Step 7 : Familiar Your Dog with Real Hunting Circumstances

A pup that is taught only in theory may not perform to potentials in the field. A puppy that is likely to perform nearby guns needs to be taught in the presence of guns. Take your bird hunting dog with you when you practice your shooting, or set up fake hunts in an appropriate shooting zone. The critical fact is that your dog has to be ready for actual circumstances if you expect it to perform like an experienced hunter.


Step 8 : Familiarizing Your Dog with A Hunting Boat

In an actual situation, hunting with a boat, it will be tough for your pup to perform as you expected. So, you need to make it familiar with your dog.


Step 9: Simplifying Your Training Period

Your primary objective is to get your dog to retrieve the bird. In your training period, emphasis on rewarding your dog for retrieving the training decoy.

Now, prepare yourself with a bird hunting vest and take your puppy out to the training session. Make it simple and follow these steps as above. Hopefully, by no time you will also be rewarded with a best bird hunting dog and a loyal friend.


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