Top 10 Bear Hunting Dogs

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Top 10 Bear Hunting Dogs

Hunting is as thrilling as any adventurous task to people all over the world. Bear hunting and for Americans, it’s more than a leisurely activity. To many of them, it’s more of a culture than an occasional job.

Bear hunting is a popular hunting activity, and it is one of the most dangerous ones as well. Bears are predatory animals and traveling into their homeland can be fatal. This is why, many expert hunters always take their dogs with them when they’re hunting. These bear hunting dogs have a great sense of smell. They can sniff off the bears from kilometers away and can lead you to one in no time. These dogs can serve as your bodyguard and can protect you against any potential bear attack.

Due to their capabilities, humans have made the dogs great partners in hunting for more than a thousand year. This is why dogs had become an inseparable part of our society and are still considered to be one of the greatest friends of mankind.

Today there are hundreds of dog breeds that exist in our society, but not all dog breeds can help you in hunting those big predatory animals. We will look into the top 10 bear hunting dogs that you can use for hunting the bears.

The Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the handsome hunters. Anyone can be easily blinded by its golden fur, but this photogenic creature can mean serious business when it comes to hunting. These dogs can adapt to any conditions; that be a dusty savanna or a wet marshland. This innocent-looking and affectionate attention-seeker personality hide away its ruthless and ferocious character. This breed can easily smell bears from a kilometer apart and can lead you to a successful hunter.


The American Foxhound

These special bear hunting dogs were bred for the sole purpose of hunting. These relentless dogs can hunt down bears, foxes and any other creature that can be hunted. The American foxhounds are one of the ‘ultimate’ hunting dogs that exist. The leader of the pack can smell the bears from kilometers away and would lead the pack to the bear. They can run for hours at a go. They stop only when the scent from the animal that they’re hunting is nowhere to be found.


The German Wirehead Pointer

The German wirehead pointers are one of the polite dogs that can be used for bear hunting. These bear hunting dogs have a great sense of smell and can locate the prey from kilometers apart. These dogs have a thin coat of fur which makes them suitable for warm climates, but you can’t take them into cold areas. These dogs can run for miles before they get tired, which makes them suitable for hunting large prey such as bears.


The Bloodhound

The bloodhounds are one of the bigger and bulkier dog breeds. These dogs are one of the favorites for most hunters due to their smell sensing and hunting abilities. These dogs often hunt in a pack of four and the leader of the pack leads them to their prey.


The Irish Setters

These majestic looking dogs can easily fool anyone with their appearances. Having soft, brown fur on their body, these dogs are ideal when you want to catch bears in a cold climate. These dogs have strong paws and can pounce on any large creature. The Irish setters are a mixed breed of Irish origin and the fearsome African hunting dogs. These special breed dogs can mean serious business when it comes to hunting down large bears.


The English Pointer

The English Pointers are another special pointer breed. These fearsome dogs can be very agile when hunting down big bears. With a great sense of smell, they can easily track down their prey from kilometers apart. These dogs were widely used for hunting foxes and wolves during the 20th Century, and still are one of the favorites when it comes to hunting.


American Pitbulls

One of the common breeds, the American pitbulls are one of the most ferocious as well. When they’re in packs, they can hunt down any animal that’s larger than them. If well trained, you can take them to hunt and watch them run after their prey. Hunters prefer taking the American pitbulls with them because of their natural hunting instincts. They might seem small, but they’re one of the best in the hunting business.


The German Shepherd

The German Shepherds are one of the most commonly bred dogs that you may find. These dogs have natural hunting instincts and are very ferocious. They can sense their prey from kilometers away and can easily chase down the bears. If they are well trained, they can easily pounce on the bears and kill them instantly.


Treeing Walker Coonhound

There are few other dogs which are as good of a hunter as a treeing walker coonhound. These dogs have great smelling abilities and can run for hours without getting tired. These are ferocious dogs, which is why you’ll have to use hunting dog collars on them. These dogs often hunt in packs and can hunt down nearby bears with ease.


The Caucasian Mountain Dogs

These friendly beasts are one of the best Russian bear hunting dogs. The Russians used these dogs in the mid 90’s because of their large body and great hunting capabilities. The average adult Caucasian can weight around 220 pounds, which easily matches the weight of an average adult bear. These beasts are very ferocious and intelligent, which makes them great for hunting. The only problem with using these dogs is that they are very hard to train and the trainer needs to monitor their behavior every week.



These are our selection of the top 10 bear hunting dogs. Dogs are one of the inseparable parts of our society, and they have always proven to be so. Although all dogs are not that good at hunting, but some of them are masters when it comes to the relevant techniques and actions. When you’re hunting bears, you should always make sure that you go prepared. Use high-quality hunting boots and a good gun. You can use a high-quality scope or a holographic sight to increase the accuracy of your firing at longer distances. By taking the proper high-quality equipment, you can hunt down any animal with ease.

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