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Canon 10×42 Is Binoculars For Birdwatchers & Stargazers

Canon 10×42 IS review for Birdwatchers & Stargazers

You must be searching for a binocular which can simultaneously enhance your experience as a birdwatcher, stargazer, and an avid hunter. A product capable of doing all these things is rare, but Canon 10×42 L Image Stabilization Waterproof Binoculars are believed to have this ability to become an all-rounder in the realm of binoculars. The following Canon 10×42 IS review will give answers to all your queries about this binocular. By the end of this review, you will be able to make an educated decision while buying a binocular. So, keep reading!

This binocular comes with Porro II Prisms and Image Stabilization technology. The former one can produce amazing image quality while the latter one is capable of reducing the shakiness of the images to a great extent. These two features have the ability to help this binocular standout from other binoculars easily. Let’s see how well or poorly it performs when put on the test.

Key Features of Canon 10×42 Is Binoculars

1. Porro II Prisms

Canon has used a Porro II Prism design in this binocular. The front lens and the eyepiece come with convex-shaped glass. So, a prism mechanism is necessary between the front objective lens and the eyepiece to flip the inverted image.

2. Long Eye Relief

Longer eye relief provides more comfort over a long period of time. This binocular has a long eye relief of 16mm.

3. Image Stabilization (IS) Technology

This is the most advertised feature of this binocular. It is equipped with image stabilization technology to help the users get a stable view of the objects. It uses a gyro sensor to detect shaky movement. Thus, it can correct the external shaking being more efficient with less energy consumption.

4. Doublet Field-flattener Lenses

Canon 10×42 IS Binoculars uses doublet field-flattener lenses in the eyepiece which can deliver sharp, even view, corner to corner images. Double lenses correct curvature of the field providing clear pictures with sharp edges.

5. 10x Magnification with a 42mm Objective Lens Diameter

This binocular comes with a magnification ratio of 10x with an objective lens having 42mm effective diameter. It provides a great balance between brightness and magnifies the objects to a great degree.

6. Power-saving Electronics

It is compatible with AA alkaline batteries and nickel-metal hydride (NiMh) batteries as well. The advanced power-saving electronics of this device enhance the working life of this binocular. It will work up to 9 hours in moderate temperature with AA alkaline batteries.

7. Anti-reflective Design

The users will get an extra advantage while watching birds and wildlife through this binocular as it comes with an anti-reflective compact design. It has a nonglossy front cover and less reflective exterior that help the device minimize glare from the sun. This design distracts the reflections.

8. Lead-free Glass

Lead is a toxic element and harmful to health. It has lead free glass that is trustworthy and safe.

9. Waterproof

The most significant and amazing feature of this binocular is that this is completely waterproof. The manufacturers have claimed that this product is tough for any extreme weather condition.


  • Product Dimensions 8.4 x 7 x 5.2 inches
  • Model Number 0155b002
  • Type Prism Binoculars
  • Ideal for Birdwatching, Hunting, Stargazing
  • Included Items Binocular & Batteries
  • Power Source 2 x AA Alkaline batteries
  • Weight 2.45 pounds
  • Filter Size 52mm
  • Exterior Material Rubber Coating
  • Magnification 10x
  • Objective Lens Diameter 42mm


  • Compact and portable
  • Waterproof
  • Stable and clear views
  • Energy efficient
  • Comfortable to look through
  • Eco-friendly lead-free glass
  • Easy to focus


  • The IS system is limited compared to other brands
  • Can’t withstand heavy rain

Our Findings

Enough with the theoretical discourse, let’s find out the truth about the efficacy of this hyped binocular. It has been 6 months since I bought this one. Keep reading the following sections of Canon 10×42 IS review to know how well this binocular performs.

1. Performance

The first thing I liked about this product is its compact design. I went to the theatres, soccer games, concerts and mountains with this binocular in hand. It was absolutely amazing as the images appeared stable and clear all the way. This product is easy to use, and I felt very comfortable when operating it. It amazingly corrected the blurry view of a bird after I had switched on the stabilizer button. It can be an alternative to golf rangefinder. And the 10x magnification feature works exactly as they advertised. The views seem clear all around with sharp edges. The battery life was also a remarkable thing as my binocular lasted for more than 10 hours.

The most hyped thing about this product is the waterproof feature. It is indeed needed for your binocular to work in extreme weather. But, the rain cover of this binocular is slightly loose. That means it may slip off during heavy rain.

2. Ease of use

This binocular is very easy to use. Look through the binoculars and adjust the width of the binocular so that it suits the width between your eyes. Adjust the focus seems and keep watching the distance things just in front of you. You can turn on the image stabilizer mode simply by pressing a button.

How to use and store Canon 10×42 Is Binoculars?

Knowing how to use this device will enhance your outdoor experience significantly. And proper maintenance activity will extend its life to the desired level.

1. How to use it?

  • Attach the strap and ensure its strength.
  • Insert the battery in the correct + & – orientation.
  • Press the IS button and check the lamp lights.
  • Adjust the width of the binoculars to suit the width between your eyes.
  • Adjust the diopter and the focus for sharp and clear views.
  • Press and hold the IS button to make it work.

2. How to store it?

Clean the lens minutely after each use. Use a microfiber cloth gently while cleaning the dirt and debris.
Use a damp clean cloth to clean the body. Don’t let the tool get prolonged exposure to water.
Protect the lens from dust and dirt by keeping the lens cap on when it is not in use.
Store it in a cool and dry place after keeping it in the carrying case.

Whom is this product ideal for?

This product is ideal for birdwatching, hunting, stargazing, travel, sports, concerts and much more. But anyone who wants to see things closer than they really are can use this binocular to feed his/her interest. And, you can roam aimlessly with a binocular in hand as a wanderlust soul. Besides, looking through a binocular can be an activity to spend your leisure time pleasantly.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Most of the customers are satisfied with this binocular. All the positive feedbacks have helped it achieve 4.2/5 stars rating on Amazon as per more than 100 customer reviews. The image stabilizer feature and prism type lens help it stand out among other competitors. But there are a few complaints about the rainguard eyepiece of the binocular. It tends to slip off during heavy rain.

Our Final Thoughts

You already know the details of this Canon 10×42 L Image Stabilization Waterproof Binoculars with our Canon 10×42 IS review. This binocular is very efficient in terms of clarity, magnification, ease of adjustment, durability, portability and the price range. We recommend buying this binocular if you don’t want to spend more on a binocular. The only thing you have to remember that, in most of the cases, this waterproof binocular can’t withstand heavy rain. Except this minor drawback it is a good product that you should carry in your binocular harness for your next outdoor trip.


Question : Is this pair of binoculars good for marine use?
Answer :Yes. One can quite extensively use these binoculars whether on boats or on various sea trips for viewing water birds or shorebirds. Plus, they are also waterproof. Again, the IS technology counteracts the slight shake of hands and arms making it perfect for intended use.

Question : Is this product usable with Lens Caps and UV-filters?
Answer :Yes, you can use Lens Caps and some UV-filters (exact size: 52mm) to protect the expensive glass from getting scratched. It is worth for such an item at this price range since they add an extra layer of safety.

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