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Truck Camping Ideas: A Step by Step Guide

Truck Camping Ideas
Written by Robert Townsend
Last Update: August 23, 2021

There are very few activities which are more exciting than camping. Who doesn’t love camping? Most of us do. The adventure of getting out of our comfort zones and moving into a wild, unknown land always intrigues all of us. The feeling of getting lost in nature, enjoying yourself and knowing all the unknown is amazing. Every negative emotion that be fear, anxiety or stress washes away and you embrace the beauty of nature and its inhabitants.

Out of all the different methods of camping, truck camping is the most popular. The joy of roaming the roads of the country like a nomad without worrying for a place to stay or eat fascinates us all. All that you’ll have to do is gather your food, drive to your location and enjoy your time. Seems simple, right? Not quite! You must follow specific steps before you head out for your truck camping. Although very simple, if you follow the step by step guide to truck camping, you’ll ensure yourself with a great truck camping experience.

Truck Camping Tips and Tricks

Step 1 : Choosing Your Truck

For truck camping, you’d need a truck. If you have one already, that’s great. If you don’t, you should buy a pickup truck. The pickup truck you’re using should have enough space for you to stay and live. You need to realize that you are going to spend a considerable amount of time living inside the truck, so you’ll need to make sure that it fits your need. If you’re not sure as to which trucks to buy, you may look up for reviews and dimensions of each vehicle before buying them.

Step 1 : Choosing Your Truck

Step 2 : Setting up Your Truck

Pickup trucks are hollow from the upside, but if you are to live in it, you must ensure that you have a shelter over your head. This is why you must set up a camper shell camping area. If you love DIY tasks, you can easily build your DIY camper shell. If you are not into building these, you can easily buy these from the online marketplaces.  If you are to buy one, you must ensure that the camper shell camping area fits right into your camping truck and has enough height or width for you to live in.

Step 2 : Setting up Your Truck

Step 3 : Interiors

After the main frame of the camper shell has been set, you must work with the interiors. You can color the walls of the camper shell as per your choice. Set up a small bed and a washbasin. If you can’t decide how to position your bed, you can take help from online truck bed camping ideas. You can also set a water filter and a stove for cooking your food. But before you install all of these, you must realize that the space of the pickup truck is limited, and you must not cram things inside it. Keep enough space for you to live in and take only the things which are necessary. This will save you not only space but also fuel.

Step 3 : Interiors

Step 4: Supplies

If you’re to camp in your truck, you must ensure that you have all the necessary supplies that you’d need for living. These include pure drinking water, fresh food, and running water. If you are planning to camp for more a month or more than that, you must have food and pure water for at least seven days.

Step 5 : Essential Tools

Take a high-quality GPS with you to properly mark your location. Also, you must have an electric source for everyday usage. You can install solar power on top of the camper shell or can rent an electrical power outlet from a house nearby (if there’s any). Take a high-quality flashlight, foldable chair and all the other basic commodities that you may require for your stay in the truck.

Step 6 : Plan Your Trip

After you’ve ensured that you have everything required for living in the truck, you must plan your trip. This is important because you should know about the dangers and problems that may come along your way. Don’t be carried away with a nice place, always plan before you go.

Step 6 : Plan Your Trip

Step 7 : Head out for Your Journey

Now you’re finally here. After following all the steps, you’ve built yourself a great place to stay and survive. You’ve customized your mobile home and also have arranged for everything that you’ll need for your survival. You’ve decided on a plan, and now you can finally head for your destination. After all the hard work, you can now enjoy yourself in the cool evening breeze sitting in the back of your truck. Maybe you’d be very tired, fast asleep perhaps, to even enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Maybe, you’d be awake; listening meticulously to the early morning birds chirping. This is when you’ll enjoy your adventure.


Truck camping is a great way to enjoy the nature and all its inhabitants while on the move. Not only that it refreshes our soul, but it can also make us more creative and healthier. It is a great past time activity, and you can enjoy quality time all by yourself or with a friend of yours.

You can also make a great truck camping experience if you follow the steps mentioned previously. You’ll have just to select a truck, install a camper shell, decorate your interiors, manage supplies and other necessities and then plan your trip. Once you’ve done all of this; you’re ready to set foot in the wild and experience the beauty ahead.

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