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Vortex Venom Review: Vortex Optics Reload Your Gear

Vortex Optics: Vortex Venom

Perfect targeting is never easy whatever tool you use. If you have experienced the shooting, then you will agree with us that there is no device can make the shooting perfect for you. Obviously, it will help you, but it will not make it for you. You need to use your instinct and experience for a bull’s eye.

When you are looking for a device that makes the targeting easier for a user, then try for the Vortex optics that is serving the customers for years. Vortex continues to satisfy their customers with the Vortex Venom which is a perfect match for your guns. Targeting with guns now becomes really enjoying with the help of this small tool. When you are targeting something, the Venom generates a red dot to ensure that you are on the right track. When you are searching for Vortex venom review, you will get the complete understanding of the tool.

Whom is Vortex Venom Review For?

Targeting with guns is relatively tough than other shooting materials like rifles. With the automatics, it becomes really hard to make the proper eye and hand combination. If you use the Vortex venom, it becomes relatively comfortable to make the target. You can control the brightness and the size of the red dot to make the targeting perfect. Smaller red dot gives the right view to the user. So, it’s really cool to use this tool with your automatics. If you want to cross check you are free to check out other Vortex venom review.

Venom Red Dot Sights Explained

Vortex Venom is a tool that generates a red dot to make sure that you are in the right track while you are trying to shoot at any object. It does not give you the magnification power like the scopes, but many of the users have found it smart enough to help them in their shooting.

It’s a very tiny tool. The users who do not know about it might neglect it at the first look. This Vortex 1.9? tool might feel nothing to a user, but it has got the technology to help you in the shooting for the best results. The weight of 1.1 oz keeps it simply bearable for any user. You might not need to change the stance after setting it with your automatic gun. When you have this Vortex optic, you will get all the comfort to your eyes. No matter whether you use goggles or not it will not create any disturbance to your shooting practice. Its comfortable eye relief makes it an obvious choice for many of us.


  • Weight 1.1 oz
  • Dot Size 3 MOA
  • Length 1.9?
  • Magnification 1x
  • Eye Relief Unlimited
  • Adjustment Graduation 1 MOA
  • Max Elevation Adjustment 130 MOA
  • Max Windage Adjustment 100 MOA
  • Parallax Setting Parallax Free
  • Longevity Up to 150 Hours (highest settings), up to 3000 Hours (Lowest settings)
  • Includes Picatinny Mount, T-15 Torx Wrench, Rain Cover, Lens Cloth, Mounting Screws, CR 1632 Battery,
  • Screwdriver


  • 10 brightness level in manual mode or auto brightness mode
  • Long service from the battery
  • Comes with all the required tool to set on top of your pistol
  • Tiny but effective tool
  • 3 MOA reticle
  • Lightweight tool


  • Need to practice a lot to adjust with the red dot

Our Remarks

If you are looking for the tool that helps to get the target smartly, then Vortex venom is the tool for you. If you have gone through any other Vortex venom review, you might have found this tiny tool with great expertise to help the shooters. Its small dot helps to target any object as smartly as you need it in real time. Moreover, if you set this tiny tool on a gun, you might not feel anything extra if you don’t try the visual.


Question : How can I mount this optic on my gun?
Answer :It comes with the Picatinny mount tool with the wrench and screwdriver to set it.

Question : Will I be able to adjust the brightness of sight?
Answer :The brightness is both manually and automatically adjustable.

Question : Will this fit on a Glock 41 MOS?
Answer :Yes, it will. It may take about ½ an hour to set it on Glock 41. You will need to manage screws for Glock mos.

Question : Do I need any additional mounting hardware or is it a direct fit on Fnx 45 tactical?
Answer :We feel it might not fit with fnx 45 properly because of the screws. If you need to make it fit you need the proper screws.

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