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Everything You Need to Know for Long Range Shooting Techniques

long range shooting techniques
Written by Toby Daniels
Last Update: August 23, 2021

You arrived at dawn, and you have been hiding in the bush all morning. You are scanning the forest end to end for your prey. Suddenly, you saw a movement through your scope. When you focus on our binoculars, you noticed a nimble buck roaming into the open field. Nevertheless, the problem is, it is approximately 914 meters away from the rifle position, almost impossible to shoot at from this distance. However, there is a way to get the kill, and it is the long range hunting technique.

Long range shooting enables hunters to kill the target from a greater distance with less effort. You have to take a large caliber rifle with exact hand-loaded ammunition. With this technique, you can hit your targets anywhere from 400 yards to more than a mile away. Though, it will be difficult for you to get that shot without proper training. You have to train yourself hard to become a top-notch long range hunter.

Recent gossip by American allied snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan have revived the people’s heed in the long range. This passion for shooting animals from long range is a costly business. Necessary items include Long range rifle with bench-rester, optic scope, binoculars, wind meter are pricey equipment for an average citizen. Long range shooting is more fun than close range stalking hunting; moreover, it gets frustrating sometimes because of the inaccessible hunted trophy that remains in far distance across mountain canyons or wide-open expanse.

Despite all the debate, day by day it is becoming a wide range hobby among general society. To accomplish the target of becoming a long range hunter, you have to understand some basic rules of long shot hunting. We will describe some of these techniques for the sake of your passion for becoming a great long range hunter.

Long Range Shooting, Small Details Make a Big Difference


You will need a list of high-tech equipment for your hunting game. The list is given below.

  • Long rang rifle (Winchester models are best for long range shooting)
  • Rangefinders
  • Long range scopes
  • Anemometer
  • Ballistic calculator
  • Ammunition (7mm STW, 28 Nosler, .300 Winchester Magnum, .300 Weatherby Magnum)

Understand the Rifle

If you want to become a shepherd, you need to know the natures of a sheep. Same as that, before obtaining long-range marksmanship, you need to know your rifle better than your wife. Take care your rifle whenever it is possible; make sure that the rifle is well maintained. You need to practice long-range hunting frequently. Try to learn to assemble and disassemble of that rifle that you hold on. All these little things will help you to understand your rifle mechanism, its recoil, and many other features.

Understand the Rifle

Collect Data

In the long-range, collecting data is more important than shooting the game. After every shot, you should try to collect the data. It will help you to micromanage the rifle condition in all weather. Make a DOPE (data of previous engagement) diary and use it before a new shot.

Long Range Hunting - Collect Data

Breathe Pausing

Use your repertory system as your lethal instrument. Sequential breathing pause is a number one method to get a great shot. Take deep three breath and after exhaling the last breath takes a break and make the shot. Trust me; it is a moneymaking shot.

Long Range Hunting - Breathe Pausing

Steady Squeeze

If you want a steady shot, do not release the trigger too early. Let the shot break, press the trigger more to the rear and then release it slowly. Do not make a certain jerk, after the shot breaks. Many shooters don’t realize that a simple early movement can bend the projectile from its course.

“Zero” The Gun

It is essential that you zeroed the gun making three consecutive shot within a one-inch square at 100 yards, from your distance. Without creating the precise shot, don’t even bother to go outside for hunting.

Become Invisible

Get out of the sight, use ghillie suit to make a camouflage if necessary. Track the game, never let the game track you.

Long Range Hunting - Become Invisible

Wind Matters

Wind is a very crucial factor for any projectile launch. Learn the winding path and make a critical adjustment to your scope. A simple wind reading can push the bullet out of its course more than 30 inches. Use wind meter and ballistic calculator to adjust the direction of the bullet. If you master this technique, long shot hunting will become child play for you, but it will take time and patience.

Now, the question arises, is it ethical? The answer is it is ethical if the hunter abides by the code and conduct of long range hunting. If you are an ethical hunter, you have to kill the animal with little misery as possible and recovering the animal is your responsibility. If you wound an animal instead of killing, it will die to wander in a distant area from your killing zone, which is not a good result for a hunter at all.

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