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Pulsar Trail Xp38 Review – Perfect Shot & Recording

Pulsar Trail XP Thermal Rifle Scope

Isn’t it interesting to record all the movement of the target you are trying to shoot with your rifle? Pulsar thermal comes with the feature to record every move of the target and has the sensor to make every shot a perfect shot. You will find most of the thing comfortable with this Riflescope. Comfortable eyecups, easy to mount on the top of your rifle with the Picatinny rail, all the things will give you comfort. Long support of the battery also helps you to be focused.

As you have to bear the battery with Pulsar scope, it might feel heavier than the usual scopes you get for rifles. It might create some sort of inconvenience for the people who are not used to heavy rifles.

Whom is Pulsar Trail Xp38 For?

Every rifle user would love this Pulsar Thermal Riflescope. The picture in picture mode of this Thermal scope gives you a better look at the targeted object. So that you can have a perfect shot. Whenever you go for night shooting its thermal technology will help you to detect objects based on their body heat. No matter how dark it is, you will be able to have a visual of the target to aim perfectly.

Pulsar Thermal Riflescope Explained

You will get 2 sizes available of this thermal Riflescope. 1.2 and 1.6 two sizes come from Pulsar. You can select the one that best suits you. There is really a little difference in these sizes. It’s only the detection range that varies in these two sizes. Thermal optics of the scope help you to detect the objects depending on their body heat. It’s really helpful for the people to find their targets even though it’s completely dark.

It has got the PiP mode to help you get a better view of the object that you are targeting. Moreover, you get a great detection range on both of the sizes. No doubt the 1.6 gives you a greater detection range. It has got the recoil system that helps you not to press the button for magnification all the time. Once you shot the recoil system runs automatically, and you are on.

Another great thing you get in this Pulsar thermal is the waterproof feature. The manufacturer says it is even dustproof. Which is really great. If you go under heavy rain, the scope will not betray you as it has got the submersible power about 3 feet for 30 minutes. No matter how long you operate, there is 18650 Li-ion battery to support you for long enough to keep your concentration right on top. The package comes with all the necessary items you need to set the Pulsar thermal on a rifle and start using right after receiving it.


  • Resolution 640×480
  • Pitch core 17 UM Pixel
  • Detection range 1475 yards (for 1.2)/ 1970 Yards ( for 1.6)
  • Magnification 8x Digital Zoom
  • Magnification step up 2x
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Waterproof Protection Rate IPX7
  • Submersion Capacity Under 3 feet water for 30 minutes
  • Internal Memory 8 GB
  • Battery 18650 Li-ion
  • Includes Charger, USB Cables, Wireless Remote Control, Weaver/ Picatinny Rail, Cleaning Cloth, Carrying
  • Case, Hex Wrench


  • PiP mode
  • Variable magnification
  • High-resolution image viewing
  • Mobile friendly device
  • Waterproof, fog proof, dustproof
  • Built-In Video Recording
  • Recoil activation


  • Seems bit heavy than the usual rifle scope

Our Remarks

So, what are you thinking of? The Pulsar thermal features all the advantages that a rifleman might need. You have got the better visualization with the recording option also it has the sensor to help you fix the target and have the finest shot. The budget is a concern to get this kind of high-quality product. You have to admit you get what you pay for. I can bet you the investment in this tool will never go to the vain. Happy buying!


Question : Is the one-shot zeroing feature available in this model?
Answer :Yes, it has got this efficient feature.

Question : What is the practical range of this scope?
Answer :It depends on the size of the object. A 300+ yards shot should not be a problem with it.

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