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Pentax PF-80ed Review

Pentax PF-80ED Spotting Scope

The Pentax spotting scope is the latest version of the series with a sharp image to the edge. It has a very good focal length with just one focal knob. It’s featured with all the traditional and latest accessories. The Pentax scopes are the large and excellent optical scope with 80mm objective lens and 1.25 astronomy eyepiece and 82mm filters at the front of the objective. The piece is 100 percent waterproof with durable rubber armor and all over metal covering to hold tripod collar with detention after every 45 degrees. The multi-coat optics has well-regarded SMC multi-coating system with an extra-low focal glass allows a razor-sharp edge to definite high-contrast subjects.

The Pentax scope accepts 1.25 diameter eyepiece ensures less focusing of the light shaft ejected by the objective lens for a larger final image with premium precision. Any of the 1.25-inch eyepieces is compatible with Pentax scopes and many other popular brands like Meade, Vixen, Celestron, and definitely the Tele Vue.

Whom is Pentax Scopes for?

The model is perfect for astronomical searches and obviously works well for distance observation with high precision clear edge image. If you are a shooter or practice shooting every day, then this scope is made for you; because it’s great to find your targets. You can also use this for fishing and hunting. Sometimes vehicle drivers use this for distance view, and short sited people are also interested in it. Actually, it’s perfect for every kind of distance view disability.

Pentax Scopes Explained

The Pentax spotting scope is large and impressive optical device. It’s added with 80mm objective lens that is able to accept any 1.25inch astronomy eyepieces and 82mm filters at the front of the objective. The device is guaranteed with 100 percent water and fog proof certificate. The Pentax scopes are covered with durable rubber armor and over all-metal casing that holds tripod collar with detente pause after every 45 degrees. The multi-coated optics features SMC multi-coating process and includes extra-low dispersion (ED) glass provides razor sharp edge to detect high contrast subjects.

The technically designed 1.25inch diameter eyepiece allows less compacted of the light shaft flashed by the objective lens, and thus you can have a larger final image with ultra depth perception. You can use ant branded 1.25 eyepieces from Pentax tem selves, or any elite telescope manufactures eyepieces like Meade, Celestron, Vixen, and surely the Vue. The Pentax spotting scope has 518mm focal length. The Pentax 80mm ed scope is one among the very short-listed premium spotting scopes with a standard view-thorough case. This valuable accessory is included, and an expensive additional device is added with the European made units.


  • Product Dimensions 15.6 x 4.7 x 3.9 inch
  • Item Weight 3.09 lbs
  • Focus length 518mm
  • Item Model Number 70930
  • Features 45-degree slanted lens


  • Impressive optical performance
  • 100 percent water and fog proof
  • Durable rubber armor and metal casing
  • Less compacting of the light shaft
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Superior depth precision
  • Large final image


  • No note on different tripod compatibility
  • Rotation capacity on the pod is not mentioned

Our Remarks

The product is specially manufactured for premium edge clear image of your object. For distance observation a precise magnification is a must; so we installed high-quality optical lenses. The Pentax scopes are guarded with rubber armor and metal case. It’s equipped with 518mm focal length. For your buying potential, you can compare this to Vortex-Optics-Viper-Spotting-Scopes on Amazon. The Pentax provides much more precision than other models. We used supreme quality material and high-quality optical lenses forever clear image. For Pentax electronic zoom scope search online.


Question : What is the effective focal length?
Answer :The focal length is 518mm. If you like to have the exact magnification then divides the focus length by the eyepiece mm.

Question : Is this angled or straight scope?
Answer :This is an angled version with super depth precision clear edge scope. It’s 100% water and fog proof.

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