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Redfield Revolution 3-9×40 Review

Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Riflescope

Redfield revolution 3-9×40 is a pioneer in producing scopes. Even Redfield is the first to issue scope for Marine scout. Despite all the hard work the corporation or company was closed, and Leupold purchased the company. In the year 2008, it started to produce scopes again. 3x-9x power range is the most common magnification for a rifle. This kind of scope can be used for a variety of shooting conditions and ranges. 40mm objective lens makes the viewing through this scope comfortable.

This range finder scope has got the look. Its lightweight but has got the ability to perform at the best level. Most of the shooter would like a lightweight scope this makes the carrying and shooting comfortable in many ways.

The Redfield revolution 3-9×40 is still manufactured from the same 6061 T-6 aluminum that all Leupold optics are constructed from. You’ll also find the glass is very clear, and handling it side by side with a Leupold Rifleman I couldn’t tell much of a difference in terms of clarity, or light transmission. The Redfield Revolution does lack fingertip adjustable turrets and does require a tool to adjust it with the rifle.

Redfield revolution can be set using Leupold rings, on your rifle. The traditional structure of the optic makes it easier to set, and very comfortable to use. A friend mounted the optic low on a Savage Axis in 223. The Axis might be the best example of a well-built budget rifle, so we figured a budget scope was a good match.

You would get a great level of eye relief in this scope. This helps for uphill hunting or using powerful heavier recoiling round. When you get a 4-inch eye relief on a scope, it makes really comfortable for shooting. This scope was very simple to zero and has got the detailed instruction served with the package. Zeroed the optic it was outstanding or notable that the clicks in the elevation and windage turrets were audible but barely tactile. You can feel it but easy to miss.

The zooming ring is placed in front of the rear eyepiece and has a series of serration to create a clear view. This gives you a proper grip when you start rotating the dial, regardless of how sweaty your palms are, and even with gloves on hand; it would be comfortable to put into service the magnification ring. The ring slides or glides as it moves and is extremely simple. You get the magnification rating on the scope’s tube. It’s easy to see the white lettering.

There is no parallax adjustment knob, and it’s not expected as well in a budget optic; moreover it’s not really useful unless the scope power is ten or more. You would get a parallax-free view at 150 yards, and most shooters will avoid this issue by exercising the basics of cheek weld and grip. What you get in this scope is comparable to high power Redfield rampage.

No parallax adjustment knob is available on this budgeted optic and is useless when the scope is not ten or more power. You will get it parallax free at 150 yards, and most shooters make the adjustment by practicing the basics of cheek weld and grip. You get an incredibly clear look through the scope. The reticle is very simple here, a crosshair with a small circle around it and a small ranging circle underneath. The crosshair is not an obstacle here as it’s very thin it makes easier to see the targets at longer ranges.


  • Product Dimensions 14 x 3.2 x 3 inches ; 12.6 ounces
  • size 4-Inch Eye Relief
  • Color Matt Black
  • Item model number RF67095


  • Thin crosshair
  • A wide range of eye relief in Redfield revolution 3-9×40
  • Clear view for range finder hunting
  • Lightweight and compact
  • You can comfortably set it on various rifles

Our Remarks

Redfield revolution 3-9×40 optics are cheaper than Leupold in general. With all the services you get from this simple scope, you can compare this with a Redfield Rampage spotting scope. Redfield revolution can be set using Leupold rings, on your rifle. The traditional structure of the optic makes it easier to set, and very comfortable to use. It’s a great asset to achieve within the budget.

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