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Orion 8945 Skyquest Xt8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope Reviews

Orion 8945 SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope

You just need a spark to start the astrological practice. Right? Here is the motivation for you, the Orion SkyQuest xt8. To start anything, the budget is always important. This top quality comes at a decent price to help you start your practice of observing the space right away. You don’t need to look upon or think twice when you get such a great tool at such a low price. No doubt it will help any person who keeps interest in astrology.

You might not get the features like top rated telescopes in this tool, but it’s enough to start the practice of looking at the space for long hours. It’s a great tool that stands perfectly on the classical Dobsonian base. To set this large scope, the base is always an important factor to consider. With this Orion skyquest you don’t need to be tensed about the setup as it provides all the necessary accessories to set the tool as required.

Orion 8945 Skyquest Xt8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope Explained

It is not a small tool. It’s a tool with an 8-inch diameter aperture. This Orion telescope is just a great tool for the amateur. People who just started or planning to start the practice to observe the space it will be a great help to them. You get all the required items in the package to set it up. You need to set it in an open space as it’s a pretty large tool.

50-inch long aperture needs some space to make space for observing task enjoying. With the classic Dobsonian base, it becomes really comfortable for the users to operate the tool efficiently. Like the equatorial mount, this is not that much complicated to use. XT8 Classic Dob has the great light gathering capability that helps to get the view of any star or celestial objects. What else you need when you get this kind of at such an affordable price.


  • Item model number 8945
  • Item Weight 29.3 lbs.
  • Diameter 8?
  • Telescope length 50?
  • Crayford focuser 2?
  • Eyepieces 1.25? and 2?
  • Sirius Plossl eyepiece 25mm
    Includes 1 Crayford focuser, 2 Eyepieces, 1 Sirius Plossl eyepiece, 1 EZ Finder II reflex sight, 1 collimation cap and Starry Night software


  • Large aperture
  • Lower in price
  • Equatorial (EQ) Mount With tripod For Better User Experience
  • Great view of the space around the earth with the tool
  • Ultra stable Dobsonian base


  • The size of the tool is not suitable for just any place you need some space for better performance

Whom is Orion 8945 Skyquest Xt8 for?

If you want to start your practice or want to spend some long hours of just observing the space, it’s the tool for you. It can be a great gift for your beloved ones to guide them to the passion of astrology. Astrology is never an easy practice it needs years of endurance to get a result. You might not get all features of modern telescopes here, but it can help you to keep your interest up and help you to go further with your astrology practice.


Question: Can I see the objects inside the moon using this Orion Dobsonian Telescope?
Answer: No, there is no telescope that can provide you the sites inside the moon.

Question: I need to wear glasses what kind of eyepiece(s) do I need to set with this tool?
Answer: When you are using this kind of tool you don’t wear any glasses because the aperture is adjustable. So, there is no need to buy an extra eyepiece. If required, then you should follow: The smaller the number of the lens the bigger the image you get.

Question: What about the weight of this tool? Can any gosky universal cell phone adapter be used with it?
Answer: This great tube weighs about 29 pounds. There is no problem to use the adapter you are talking about.

Our Remarks

Orion skyquest xt8 might not be the tool with all the feature of modern telescope, but it’s a great tool to make you feel like an astronomer. It’s a great tool that can help you to act like somebody special within the budget. If you have gone through the top telescopes, you know how expensive a good telescope can be. Setting up this Orion optic in the backyard or in any open space you lead you to sheer enjoyment for sure. Enjoy the space!

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