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MeeQee Cell Phone and Tablet Adapter Mount Reviews

Meeqee Cell Phone Adapter Mount Review

A cellphone without a decent camera is definitely not something you want to have. So, these tiny components are experiencing upgrades very rapidly. One significant feature of cellphones’ camera is its zooming ability. The digital zoom offered by these cameras reduces the image quality.

We are about to introduce a Cell Phone Adapter that can be mounted on your scopes so that you may expect high-resolution images and huge optical zoom.

Feature Analysis of MeeQee Cell Phone and Tablet Adapter Mount

1. Universal design

MeeQee Cell Phone Adapter Mount can hold all leading brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, and so on. The universal design has no size limit. Additionally, this adapter is compatible with binoculars, monocular, spotting scope or astronomical telescope.

2. Durable materials

The material used in this product is sturdy and strong enough to provide consistent protection to your smartphone or tablet by high-density EVA pads. It protects the outer surface of the phone from scratches too.

3. Easy to use

The MeeQee Cell Phone Adapter Mount comes with a guideline help you with the mounting action. It takes you to follow only four steps to get a high-quality picture. The outer portion of the eyepieces should be 27mmto 53mm.


  • Specifications
  • Materials Plastic and Aluminum
  • Weight 94g
  • Width range 27-53mm
  • Dimension 2.75×5.86 inch


  • Fits large width range
  • Compatible with the latest model of Sony, iPhone, Samsung and other models
  • Sturdy construction and can be used for a long time
  • Protect phone from scratch.


  • Cannot be mounted on a rifle scope.

Final Verdict

As you are reading this, you surely have read this MeeQee Cell Phone Adapter Mount review completely. So, we suggest that this product is not among the most desirable choices for hunting. Apart from this limitation, this is one of the fine products for digiscoping, photo shooting, and spotting.

Lastly, this phone adapter will help you in many ways while taking distant images. If you think that its features are satisfactory enough, we think we can recommend buying a MeeQee Cell Phone Adapter.

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