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Best Waterproof Hiking Boots For Women – Reviews & Buying Guide

“Watch over your feet, and the rest will take care itself” is a hymn in the British military, and for an upright reason – if your feet are relaxed, warm and dry you’ll feel much more contented going the distance on treks and open-air quests. Hiking boots for women are crucial to your ease and action on the track, but this no longer means a stiff and strong model that will weigh you down. The leaning is toward lighter resources that still provide good care, and waterproof boots are the most widespread by far.

In this article, we list out ten of the best women’s hiking boots or women’s walking boots. This ought to provide you with plenty of choices if you’re in the marketplace for a new pair of boots for the track. We preserve the descriptions sufficiently brief to try and deliver a rapid but concise impression, along with the main pros, cons and best usages.

There’s an enormous variety of selections on the marketplace when you are looking for best women’s hiking boots or best walking boots, and the major choice is determining whether to go after leather or fabric boots. The leather is logically water-resistant but can be harder and weightier and takes some time to break in and mould securely to your feet. On the other hand, fabric boots lean towards to be lighter and can sense more like wearing contented trainers straight out of the box but tend to be less sturdy and less warm.

Our 10 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots For Women

01 Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boot

Ahnu sugarpine hiking boot

If you are directing the eyes for the best waterproof hiking boots, then Ahnu is an exceptional boot corporation that delivers good hiking shoes that are sturdy and rough, with exceptional eminence. With lots of knowledge under their belt, Ahnu has built a brand name by reliably delivering top-class products. Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking boots for women are, of course, intended for females who adore spending a nice deal of their time outdoors. Keep that in mind; they have a female elegance and entrance to them which is very attractive to the eye. While the design and outlook of the Sugarpine boots have a shiny and womanly look, the boots also provide noteworthy quality and sturdiness in terms of action.

The resources used in the manufacturing of the boot are intended to deliver sporty elasticity in the forefoot. Trekkers will mostly relish taking on rough tracks with the Sugarpine boots on, thanks to the double-thick EVA outsole, which once more delivers a lightweight and sporty feel, while also offering nice grip. In essence, complete with a fashionable structure, air-circulated and waterproof competences and exceptional care, these boots are a must-have if you`re searching for better outlook and feel great on your outside quests?.


  • Product Dimensions 12 x 8 x 4 inches
  • Item Model Numbe Sugarpine Boot WP-W
  • Weight 1 lb. 7.4 oz.
  • Color Dark Slate, Blue Spell, Mulch, Dark Grey
  • Material Mesh, leather, and suede
  • Suitable for Hiking


  • Made in USA
  • Rubber sole
  • Waterproof hiking shoes
  • Safe lace-up vamp
  • Comfortable padded collar with pull-on loop
  • Numentum Technology for effective, steady pace
  • Ankle care and steadiness
  • Padded, gusseted tongue
  • TPU stability heel clip
  • Rubber toe protector
  • Dual-density EVA, Non-marking Vibram outsole
  • Self-cleaning lugs


  • Not the best choice for backpacking
  • Cannot depend on hard hiking


Question : What is the difference between Montana and the Sugarpine boot?
Answer : I own both of these styles, and both are very comfortable, excellent quality, and waterproof. But there are some differences. The Montara is mostly leather, and the Sugarpine is mostly heavy-duty nylon. The Montara is more suitable for city walking and has a more dress/casual entrance. The Sugarpine is certainly more casual, both in design and feel. They are lighter in weight than the Montara and have a more rocker-like performance too. Better for walking on the bumpy ground.

Question : Do these boots have a good amount of ankle support? I feel like I am always rolling my ankles and want to have extra protection from injury.
Answer : I find them to be very supportive! I now wear them year-round, because I roll and sprain my ankles all the time. I wear them on my daily 5-mile hikes in a wooded, hilly state park. knock on wood, but I have not rolled them at all since I started with these shoes about 6 years ago. It’s a little lighter and more breathable for the summer.

Our Verdict

The Ahnu sugarpine hiking boot is a water-resistant mid hiking boot for beating the tracks, day or night. Ahnu has it’s very own water-resistant/air-circulated skill preserves the wet out and keep the toes dry, so clammy, muddy trails won’t be a trouble, and a slight rain won’t upset either. The mesh, leather, and suede higher grips up against scrape and filth, and a gusseted tongue preserve debris out.

Down at the lower side, you’ll find a Vibram® outsole with grippy, self-cleaning lugs that will bite into the trails to push you onward with comfort. Concealed at the insole is a combined nylon shaft and a shock dispersal plate for sufficient care and defense contrary to bumpy, less than ideal trail circumstances though some users defined it’s not comfortable for hard hiking. However, with additional care at the ankle, this mid will see you through many miles.

02 Clorts Women’s Hiker Leather Waterproof Hiking Boot

Clorts Women's Hiker Leather Waterproof Hiking Boot

The brand “Clorts” is the mixture of “Mounting” and “Athlete,” which focusses on the invention and examination of open-air boots. Clorts was officially founded in 2006 as an all-season outdoor boots corporation and is determined to make the appropriate boots for the outdoor devotees. Clorts Women’s Hiker Leather Waterproof Hiking Boots are fashionable, contented, and sturdy. They are all-season outdoor footwear with the upper substantial being manufactured with suede oxford fabric with a slip-proof and scrape resistant latex outsole.

These hiking boots featuring Uneebtex water-resistant casing and defensive toe cover. Rubber toe cap provides an awesome safety and sturdiness and makes walking cozier with keeping your feet dry. Whether on wet gravels, or croaky and sand covered rocks. These shoes do run a little small, so it is suggested that you purchase them a full size up from whatsoever your normal size is.


  • Model Number HKM-823-W
  • Size US 5, US 6.5, US 7, US 7.5, US 8.5, US 9
  • Color Dark Grey Pink, Grey Lake Blue, Khaki
  • Brand Clorets
  • Material Mesh, suede leather


  • 60% leather and 40% mesh materials
  • Suede Oxford textile
  • Waterproof lining
  • Skid-proof
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outside
  • Sanitized actifresh technology
  • Shock-absorbing EVA


  • These hiking boots are too narrow for some users
  • They are not intended for wide or extra wide feet shapes


Question : Are this shoe good for cold weather? in going to Iceland & I am afraid it will be too cold to wear it.
Answer : With heavy socks maybe. For that kind of cold look for the temperature rating on the boots. I find these are good for mucking around, hiking in moderate weather. However, I think they’d be warm enough for Iceland. As the manufacturer says, “this hiking boots could wear to cold weather.”

Question : Are these really waterproof?
Answer : Yes, of course, if we are talking about your regular rain, or hiking trips, very comfortable and you feel your toes are well protected against normal weather elements. do not recommend for severe cold winter days for obvious reasons hope this is helpful.

Our Verdict

The Clorts Women’s Hiker Leather Waterproof Hiking Boot is a mid-height hiking boot can be purchased at a reasonable charge. It comes with a uneebtex waterproof casing and a combination of suede and meshes on the higher part of the shoe. The Clorts Women’s Hiker Leather Waterproof Hiking Boot provides the best of both worlds when it arrives at breathability and sturdiness.

This hiking boot comprises a solidity molded EVA midsole for supreme durability. There is also a branded actifresh insole that pushes bacteria gone for fresh or new feet and socks. The rubber outsole may not be as multifaceted or complex as a Vibram sole. However, it seems durable and proficient in delivering outstanding power on any ground. In spite of the low price of the Clorts Women’s Hiker Leather Waterproof Hiking Boot, this hiking shoe is very extremely reviewed. This generates the impression that Clorts has originated the ideal balance between affordability and eminence.

03 Danner Women’s Mountain Light Cascade Hiking Boot

Danner Women's Mountain Light Cascade Hiking Boot

These customary style light hiking boots are ideal for thoughtful hikers, but similarly are fashionable enough to wear out & about informally. The boots are intended to captivate dampness with the Dri-Lex methodical material inside, plus with their fast ventilation abilities are perfect for hiking warm & hot states. Not only they have an extremely iconic elegance; these standard leather hiking boots have a one-piece leather structure, mostly around the tongue provides reduce water or dirt intake.

A heavy-duty latex composite, Vibram, makes up the sole, offering vivid shock captivation and nice power and constancy. The leather is attractive and lenient, not rigid and solid to break in. The shaft and upper ankle provision are reinforced so that might take a few short treks to relax up. If you agonize with bunions or have wider feet, go on over & have a look at this hiking boot guide which compares the best of women’s wide hiking boots.


  • Product Dimensions 7 x 14 x 16 inches
  • Item Model Numbe Mountain Light Cascade-W
  • Weight 1190 grams
  • Color Brown, Cascade
  • Material Leather, Rubber Sole


  • Made in us
  • Shaft measures about 5″ from arch
  • Heel measures around 1.25 inches”
  • Handcrafted stitch down building to deliver a wider platform
  • Offers amplified constancy underfoot
  • Sienna cache leather has subtle color variations
  • An antiqued effect that patinas gorgeously over time
  • Dri-lex lining offers amplified breathability and ease
  • Retro one-piece leather upper
  • Shank-fiberglass


  • Long break-in period may be needed
  • Boots are heavy in relative terms
  • Does not come with an insole


Question : How did your boots fit at first, mine has minimal toe space, no slippage, next size up has heel slippage, more room in the toe box?
Answer : Mine and my daughter’s fit perfectly but we have narrow feet. Some websites said to get a .5 size up; some say not to. I think if you have wider feet, you should go .5 size up. They are meant to wear with thicker socks.

Question : Are these actually waterproof? The website says no; others claim it keeps them dry in water and snow.
Answer : I would agree with the Danner website that they are not waterproof. They do a great job protecting your feet from the elements but they are leather, and they are breathable so your feet would get wet eventually. But, to some extent, it is water resistant.

Our Verdict

Danner Mountain Light Cascade Hiking Boots are intended to be similar to an iconic hiking design that many trusts to be the finest backpacking boot in the past. These Women’s Hiking Boots from Danner are manufactured with tough Sienna Cache Leather that appears better the longer you wear them. This Hiker’s boot comes with a single-piece leather upper part to remove holes in the tongue part and keep wreckage out. With Dri-Lex liner to fight smells and fungus, the air-circulated Danner Mountain Light Cascade Women’s Hiking Boots have to be worn to be believed.

04 Dr Comfort Hiking Boots

Dr comfort hiking boots

The Dr. Comfort Vigor is a tremendously lightweight, fashionable trekker for your open-air journeys. Obtainable with exclusive no-tie Flexible Laces and a Velcro Belt. Elegances to meet all your requirements. For those searching for extra ease and space, try this stretch Lycra design. For those searching for the outdoor quest, this Vigor hiker boot delivers the finest in ease.

With top class resources, Dr. Comfort shoes feature the best quality top grain leather uppers, which form to the feet for additional ease and deliver air-circulation. The Lycra and Mesh resources for excellent shoe elegances are also of the optimum quality. The top-quality resources and building also assist to stop wear and tear and make for a lengthier lasting shoe.

Leather Lining Leather lining in most of Dr. Comfort shoe assists to keep your feet dry and cool. Even leather coatings also aid to avoid any wounds produced by rubbing against sews. Lastly, an enormously lightweight, fashionable walker for your outdoor or indoor ventures. Obtainable in a Velcro finish with an exclusive no-tie flexible lace.


  • Model Number 2500
  • Size 4.0 – 12.0
  • Color Chestnut, Black
  • Material Leather
  • Extra depth 7/16″


  • Leather with no-tie elastic lacing
  • Velcro Closure
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent arch support
  • Excellent cushion for superior comfort
  • Lightly padded for extra comfort


  • Tight in the toe
  • The tread is not suitable
  • knees hurt and there is not enough room to add an insert that may help


Question : How do these run size wise?
Answer : They run true to size. They are meant to wear with socks, so they fit properly. I love mine. They are really sturdy and comfy with ankle support. I wear7 1/2 they fit perfectly. Probably the first pair of shoes I have taken out of the box put on and wore nonstop, they are soft leather, but have arch support which I badly need. I love them.

Question : Has anyone who has purchased these boots hiked a mountain with boulders? Wondering if the soles are slippery.
Answer : Also, I wear mine all year, I’ve never slipped on snow or in the rain. I do loads of walking. I bought these rights before my trip. Happy to say that even climbing slippery steep rock stairs and rocky steep hills, I had NO pain, no slipping at all.

Our Verdict

This iconic work boot has been reinvented, sufficiently rough for all your open-air hiking, yet durable, informal and fashionable for work, the Dr. Comfort® Vigor is a contented hiking boot offering constancy and ease. Intended with full top-grain leather, the Vigor comes with a padded heel cup and tongue assisting in defending your feet from skin annoyance and uneasiness. Plus, our exclusive no-tie elastic lace scheme helps makes this hiking boot comfortable to put on. Light and contented, the Vigor has got you protected whether you’re on your feet for work or searching outdoor adventures. We hope the Vigor will renovate their model with much lighter weight.

05 Merrell Moab FST Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell Moab FST Waterproof Hiking Boot

The shoes fit well at the sides, with the additional area at the toe box. The midsole of the shoes is very contented, light and not rigid, thanks to the FIT.ECO mixed EVA footbed as well as moulded nylon arch shaft. The Vibram® MegaGrip expertise at the outsoles permits to have nice adhesion on any ground: soil, grits, stones, wooden walkways, dry or damp. Vibram MegaGrip outsole offers the finest mixture of stickiness and sturdiness. They were contented from the initial wear, with no ‘breaking in’ period. You can wear them for treks around the neighborhood and forestry tracks.

During the time with these shoes, your ankles will be well cared. You didn’t have to concern about twisting your ankle while jumping from one rough ground to another. The mid-height shaft also prohibited wreckage and filth from entering them into the inside of the boots. They are water-resistant and great in mud. They are very light, thus making them impeccable for day hiking and track running. Moreover, you don’t have to concern about crossing shallow water streams during your trail quest; the waterproof casing will take care of it.


  • Model Number MOAB FST MID WTPF-W
  • Weight 738g (pair)
  • Size 5-11 US
  • Color Boulder, Granite, Black/Teal
  • Material Leather/Fabric
  • Suitable for Hiking


  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 4″ from arch
  • Mid-cut hiking shoe with leather, mesh,
  • Tpu upper materials
  • Traditional lace closure


  • Water resistant level is not satisfactory
  • Quite narrow


Question : Would this be an upright shoe to stand 8 hours in?
Answer : Yes. Obviously, you can stand more than 8 hours in. This is very lightweight and durable. The FST has an efficient sporty designing and a lighter midsole with the same nice out-of-the-box fitting you assume from Moab. With this weight and high grip, you don’t have to concern about standing more that than 8 hours in. I have hiked for 8+ hours/day without any difficulties or issues. Overall a very contented shoe and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again.

Question : Are the sizes listed women’s sizes since they’re women’s shoes or does the (M) mean men’s sizes?
Answer : Looking at the sizes part if the description, for example, you see 7B (M), it means medium width. (N) means narrow width and (W) means wide width. This goes for both men’s and women’s shoes.

Our Verdict

Merrell Moab FST Waterproof Hiking Boot is an ordinary hiking boot for the exploratory. It offers all-day ease in a rough land with the great out of the box fitting you assume from Moab but with rationalized sporty designing and a lighter midsole. The top-quality includes M Select™ DRY for air-circulation, waterproofness and a Vibram® MegaGrip outsole for certain adhesion on the damp and dry ground. The Merrell Moab FST Waterproof Hiking Boot provides all-day ease on the track. Some argued about the resistant level with this boot. However, the waterproof lining will certainly preserve feet dry through any terrain.

06 Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot

A very widespread pair of hiking boots that have been everywhere for quite a while. They’re much respected, and with decent cause, they are an efficient and contented pair of light hiking boots. Merrell is a very well-known product in the open-air equipment world. They have a past of manufacturing top-class boots, and many of their items have truly stood the test of time over the years. Well, we always look at the parts of the hiking boots as well as functionality. So, starting with these boot’s design seems like a good thing to begin. In relations with coziness, the boots arrive with full-length, solidity-molded EVA midsoles which supply lessening and care for all-day wear. An ideal example of a day hike boot.

After being out on the track all day, you will obviously sweat so the detachable 4.5mm footbeds are convenient to let the soles and innards of the boots breathe after some use. The footbeds are also structurally designed and additional cushioning for the better ease, they’re manufactured particularly to fit feet. That Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boots breathe very well, always much-needed equipment on the track, particularly in brighter climates and times of the year.


  • Model Number MOAB 2 VENT MID-W
  • Weight 1lb 14oz / 844G
  • Size 5.5 – 14 US
  • Color Bracken/Purple, Taupe
  • Material Leather and Textile
  • Suitable for Hiking


  • Leather and Textile
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Breathable mesh lining.5mm lug depth
  • Suede leather and mesh upper
  • Closed-cell foam tongue retains or keeps moisture and debris out
  • Vibram TC5+ sole


  • Not suitable for small feet
  • A bit too warm for the climate


Question : How’s the ankle support?
Answer : Ankle support of this boots is amazing. They just come up a little higher than hiking sneakers. But otherwise, the boots are great. Comfortable and light, I wear them to work every day and am on my third pair. They last over a year for me.

Question : How long are the laces?
Answer : They are long enough to lace all the way up and make a bow. If you want to wrap them around, you probably could but would be tough going to tie a bow. With the laces, all laced in you have about 9 inches of lace to tie your bow. Plenty of lace. Great boot. You will absolutely love them.

Our Verdict

The Moab Ventilator hiking boots are attractively reasonable priced coming in at lower end of the mod range for hiking boots in this quality. A very widespread pair of hiking boots that have been around for quite a while. Though they are not waterproof, they’re much loved, and with decent cause, they are an efficient and relaxed pair of lightweight hiking boots. Lastly, in terms of coziness, the boots have heel loops that can be used to aid you to put your boots on when you’re getting started, always convenient to get a comfortable fit!

07 Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker

Merrell Women's Siren Edge Hiker

Merrell personalized the outline of the Siren Edge for women as a crossover of sporty and hiking boots. Its straight-out-of-the-box ease, no break-in period and true-to-size fitting were undisputable. A substantial number of customers were persuaded that receiving the second pair is worth it with its persistent luxury and care. Its grippy outsole is also very appreciable. As ideal as these hiking boots may appear, it also achieved the quality Merrell has been known for. In addition to, Merrell Siren Edge is still a go-to shoe from everyday tasks to light hiking in the tracks.

Merrell assurances that the Siren Edge is fortified with qualities that are perfect for long hikes and can keep the feet relaxed. The mesh upper with 3D print mesh overlaps provides an air-circulated mixture. The bellows tongue stops debris from entering the shoe. A Merrell-patented footbed with smell control, the M.Select FIT.ECO, holds the freshness of the shoes and delivers easiness. Moreover, the EVA midsole preserves the foot cushioned. The heel reinforcement and formed nylon arch shaft alleviate and offer a safe foothold on grounds.


  • Product Dimensions 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Item Model Numbe J35516
  • Weight 570g
  • Size 5- 11 US
  • Color 13 different color available
  • Material Mesh


  • Mesh
  • Imported
  • Vibram sole
  • Athletically styled hiker
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Molded nylon arch shank
  • Bellows tongue to keep out debris
  • Organic odor control
  • Absorbs shock and adds stability
  • Shock-absorbing air cushion heel
  • Vibram traction outsole


  • Started to show signs of wear after some heavy use
  • lack of cushioning on the heel
  • Not waterproof


Question : I wear an 8.5 shoe and a 9 or 9.5 sneaker. What size should I get?
Answer : They are true to size. They are wide from the front. You can always exchange, and I think these are on amazon wardrobe so you can order several and return the ones that don’t fit. I wear a 5.5 sneaker and bought this shoe in a 6 because of the thick hiking socks I wear with them. The extra half size is exactly what you want if you are wearing hiking socks with them. In your case, you might want to get them in a 9.5. Hope this helps!

Question : Some people say these are waterproof, some don’t. I’m guessing there are two different models. How do I know which I am getting?
Answer : The ones that are waterproof say that they are. They will have a little flag on the side of the shoes. It also says waterproof in the description of the shoes. If it does not say waterproof in these places, then they are not. This hiking boot is not waterproof though some people say this because of its high-water-resistant level.

Our Verdict

The Merrell Siren Edge brought a right-out-of-the-box coziness. Not only some user complains about the quality of this product, but also this was appreciated by many based on their optimistic reviews. One said that she felt like the shoes were made for her. This pair was one of the most contented hiking boots ever, as stated by a noteworthy number of wearers. A considerable number of Siren Edge buyers praised the Vibram outsole. They said that it was able to grip well on muddy and concrete lands.

08 Mishmi Takin Waterproof Hiking Boot

Mishmi Takin Waterproof Hiking Boot

The event casing expertise that Mishmi Takin Waterproof Hiking Boot has nailed with is based on millions of narrow pores that scatter any backlog of vapour within seconds in instead of a slow 4-step (condensation, absorption, dispersion, ventilation) procedure that exists in most hiking boots intended for safety in the rain.

The membrane expertise is also water-resistant, so the boot suits a wide range of circumstances. After hours of hiking over wet, muddy and damp woodland part in the Alps, you don’t have to alter to an extra pair of socks. Mishmi Takin Waterproof Hiking Boot has a black scratch resistant heel cap. All about is a rubber toe rand for extra foot safety. In the front, there is a black rubber toe bumper stand-in as a stone protector.

Enhanced for long hiking, backpacking or shooting in wet & tough conditions, Kameng is a solidly constructed boot. A ‘NO COMPROMISE PRODUCT’ manufactured for enthusiastic outdoorsmen & women, fed up with poor-quality boots from big brands. Kameng’s grip provides you peace of mind. Vibram Mega grip rubber allows greater grip on wet surfaces. Moreover, high profile Vibram Gironda outsole delivers constancy on rocks.


  • Weight 630g
  • Size 6-13.5
  • Color Grey, Moss Green, Sunset Orange
  • Material Leather
  • Resistant level Waterproof


  • Made in Europe
  • Vibram mega grip sole
  • Optimized for long distance hiking
  • Kameng is a solidly built boot
  • Quick drying
  • 100 % waterproof
  • Air permeable event membrane
  • Has superb breathability
  • Best grip in town
  • Vibram mega grip rubber
  • Superior traction on wet surfaces
  • Durable & comfortable out of the box


  • The arch is inadequate
  • Not comfortable if you are a hard hiker
  • Disappointing shoestring loops though boots are durable


Question : I don’t see any women’s size 7. Do they not have this size? is there a different comparable size?
Answer : The sizing is European, and there is no exact match with women’s 7. Kameng is slightly on the bigger side, so for US Women’s 7, the best fit is likely to be EU 37. However, if you usually wear 7 or 7.5 (i.e., you are slightly bigger than size 7), then go with EU 38. Hope that helps.

Question : What is the difference between the Kameng and the Jampui?
Answer : The major difference between Kameng and Jampui is that Kameng has a stiffer sole describe as similar to Jampui. This makes Kameng more convenient for the times while you have heavier tons or loads on your back. Jampui is also about 7-oz lighter or well-lit than Kameng. Along with the somewhat more flexible sole, Jampui is better suited for day hikes and in city use.

Our Verdict

Born to survive fickle Himalayan climate & land, Kameng is the choice for rough treks and backpacking tours when you require the finest. Kameng is enhanced for a long period of hiking and backpacking in damp & treacherous circumstances. Mishmi Takin boots emphasis on improved user relief by make the most of air exchange among the inside of the gear and the outside.

This ventilation-focused product structure, highly air-circulated, air penetrable event fabrics, and Vibram Mega grip rubber provide this Footwear enough power to preserve you contented in hot, cold, moist, damp, or any WET circumstances. However, we hope that the manufacturer will be more focused on the shoestring loops to make it even better.

09 Nevados Women’s Klondike Waterproof Hiking Boot

Nevados Women's Klondike Waterproof Hiking Boot

It is a modest, contented, and reasonable boot. A nice selection for dedicated trekkers, backpackers and light packers alike. The present drift embraces lighter resources that still provide great care, and tackle damp and gravelly tracks. This hiking boots surely attain that. The upper comprises suede leather, that’s manufactured to last long, and waterproof nylon mesh. It has a rough carbon rubber cup sole, no curiosity for why no one loses grip with this boot on. In addition to the above action, this hiking boot is amazingly beautiful and rough bearing in mind the sensible price tag and is worth totaling to your cart.

Tough Women’s Nevados Klondike Waterproof Hiking Boots are very affordable! They’re totally water-resistant from the ground up; seam-sealed design, plus water-resistant leather to beat back dampness. You’ll adore the comfortable inner, that boasts a padded insole and EVA midsole to buffer in contradiction of impact. For top-end grip, a rubber outsole grips the ground underneath so you won’t slip and slide when circumstances get a bit “risky.”

The sure-footed security confirms with the leather and meshes nylon uppers, which are waterproof and air-circulated for ease. Great liner generates a comfortable, dry inner; Padded tongue and lapel for a soft feel inside the shoe; Toe and heel bumper assist in preserving your feet harmless in harsh circumstances.


  • Product Dimensions 10 x 3 x 5 inches
  • Item Model Numbe Klondike WP V1173W-W
  • Size 5-11 US
  • Color Brown/Black Taupe, Brown/Chestnut/Aqua, Brown/Chestnut/Aqua
  • Material Leather-and-fabric
  • Water resistance Waterproof


  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 5″ from arch
  • waterproof bootie construction
  • Molded Eva and brushed nylon sock liner
  • Carbon rubber cup sole
  • the boots have a great price for the quality they have
  • the boots remain dry and keep away the elements all day long
  • the boots are sturdy


  • They tend to feel heavy weight after a while when hiking
  • The shaft is quite big


Question : I walk 4 miles daily and need warmth. are the boots warm?
Answer : They are warm and seem to be waterproof although you do not have to stand in water to test this. You can hike where you need to cross streams, and your feet will stay dry. Even in the snow, your feet will dry from walking the dog in the morning.

Question : I live in Az, and the summers are hot will these be too warm?
Answer : These are my “summer” mountain boots. Sock thickness would be the key. They should be good for hot or cold weather. I recommend breathable socks to avoid moist. In cold weather, you should use wool or alpaca socks with them.

Our Verdict

The Nevados Women’s Klondike Waterproof Hiking Boot is a typical mid-cut climbing boot manufactured with water-resistant suede leather that delivers some thoughtful care. The midsole is a solidity molded EVA foam with brushed nylon mesh sock liner, and the outsole is a TPR cup sole with track-prepared grip. It has fast pull lacing and padding at the tongue and lapel for a cushioned touch though the shaft is quite big.

Rocky outdoor actions meet eminence, ease and worth in Nevados boots and shoes for the entire family. This company is the top manufacturer of hiking and open-air boot, Nevados takes its motivation from nature, with great rough constructed to take on any challenge.

10 The First Outdoor Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

The First Outdoor Women's Waterproof Hiking Boots

These are an all-around great shoe. They are remarkably padded, needed very little time to break in. With top-class Fourth Dynasties First-Tex water-resistant socks inside shoes and on the external of shoes, have Chemical water-resistant paint-layer, to ensure the high and sturdy waterproof action. They are lightweight on the bases while still delivering the backing and coziness of a more heavy-duty boot. This is a nice selection for an all-season hiking boot that is contented, water-resistant, and air-circulated. This hiking boot arrives with a toe-heel solid defensive film which allows you the crash-proof play, also stopping bugs and snakes bite at the same time. These qualities make it one of the best women’s hiking boots.

Top class flexible and contented sponge is placed around the neck which makes it warmer and more comfortable. Using breathable insole to preserves the air in your shoes to make it fresh and alleviate for your foot fatigue. At the same time, the airbag also has shock captivation result. Air circulation insole allows each pair of your shoes as comfortable as air max shoes when you wear.


  • Size 5-9.5 US
  • Color Black
  • Upper Material Genuine Leather
  • Insole Material EVA
  • Lining Material Synthetic
  • Outsole Material Rubber
  • Feature Breathable, Waterproof
  • Closure Type Lace-Up


  • Rubber sole
  • High-tech Fourth Dynasties First-Tex
  • Have Chemical waterproof paint-coat
  • High strong waterproof function
  • Toe heel hard protective film
  • A best first layer of cowering leather for shoe Vamp
  • Aircraft tire rubber compound outsole
  • Comfort bending resistance
  • Slip-wear resistance
  • Made with breathable, waterproof fabric


  • The shaft is too much long
  • Not suitable for small foot
  • Too warm


Question : Is it worthy enough to gift someone?
Answer : Obviously, this Fourth-generation waterproof hiking boot can b a perfect gift for your preferred ones. These shoes are made of air-circulated and water-resistant fabric. These top-class boots are as appreciated for the quality. As they are for hikers and avid outdoor adventurers.

Question : How heavy is this shoe?
Answer : It is easy to walk in and has a sole that is the heaviest part of the shoe. I would say it is a great walking shoe. I am not a hiker, but I think it would work very well in that aspect. It’s pretty light considering it’s a hiking shoe and waterproof! A little heavy than tennis shoes but not bad at all. Hope this helps.

Our Verdict

4th generation water-resistant and air-circulated film in shoe’s water-resistant socks, trade with First-Tex, each pair of shoes approved texting. Moreover, on the surface of shoes, it has chemical water-resistant paint-layer, to ensure top class and sturdy waterproof feature. These boots are manufactured with air circulated and water-resistant material; these duty boots are as valuable for service members as they are for hikers and avid open-air explorers though some users complain about their long shaft. This ultra-breathable outdoor shoe is ideal for super dry and could easily use as your pair of sneakers for the trip. The outsole is intended to grip on the diverse land, and the light upper is nice for summer hiking.

Best Waterproof Hiking Boots For Women – Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the correct hiking boots is kind of a matchmaking process. Your dream hiking boots required to synchronize with how and where you hike. Before you draw or tie the knot, though, you also have to ensure that they’re an ideal fit. We’ve prepared a checklist below:

Things You Cannot Ignore


There are, all things considered, three kinds of footwear intended precisely for hiking. While many variations of “work boots” work ok for day hiking, when you use a devoted hiking boot, you’ll wonder why you ever used a large, old, weighty work boot. Naturally, a good day hiking boot will deliver hard ankle care – so solid that you can’t roll over the ankle while standing in them – counting when you wear a light pack. Backpacking boots are the large, heavy hitters of the boot world.

Backpacking boots are precisely intended to deliver complete rock-solid ankle care, even when you are carrying a pack that weighs more than 50 pounds. And the other types are best hiking shoes for women, these are fine shoes for around town stuff, informal and extended walks in local parks, around town and over flatter parts where the ground is even.

Ideal Fit

As not all feet suitable to standard foot sizes, you may find that your feet need a custom insole, which can enhance up to total half size, to achieve the ideal fit. Insoles can also be serving a useful function if you have low or collapsed arches, can help if one foot is longer than the other, or if you find your heel slipping. Finally, remember: the better the shoe fits, the better the technology will work to protect you on your adventure.

Test-walk your boots

Don’t be shy about walking around in hiking boots right before purchase. Test-walk is very important while you purchase a new one. If you are a buyer from online, don’t worry virtually all online merchants (unlike most brick and mortar stores, for whatever reason) permit returns of hiking boots if they don’t clearly beat up.


Choose your boots relying on the ground you will hike on and the weights you assume to transport. Since additional weights on your feet essentially take their toll in terms of energy spending by the dusk, you need to go for the lightweight boots so you can go for your adventures with ease.

Digging Deep into Technicalities

Waterproof or non-waterproof

If you are preparing to hike in the rain or cross lots of watercourses in casual or cold circumstances, consider purchasing water-resistant boots. But, keep that in mind waterproof boots can feel miserable when it’s warm and moist. A waterproof casing will trap warm air and moisture around your feet, which can cause sores, itches on the skin. Moreover, in hot, dry areas, a water-resistant boot will make your feet warmer. So, think about the circumstances you’ll face mostly during your hiking.

Be materialistic

In the matter of hiking boots, the material is the most vital thing to consider before buying. The incorrect material can make your feet warm, painful and cramped. Find the accurate material for an ultimate comfortable hike. When it comes to the synthetic, in this category are often nylon and polyester. They are relaxed to break in, feel lightweight, and dry quickly when damp, but are not as much of waterproof. When we consider about Split-grain leather, they are often manufactured with half leather half synthetics; this material is still very air-circulated.

Lastly, when we arrive at full grain leather, most hiking boots are manufactured with full-grain leather. It’s a very sturdy substance, ideal for hard hikers planning to cross unsteady ground. From another viewpoint, this material is less air-circulated and quite heavier than the others.

Different Cuts

Mountaineering boots arrive in all dissimilar cuts, and this should particularly custom-made to your kind of hiking—the incorrect cut could cause a twisted ankle or rocks in your boots. Low-cut boots are comparable to running shoes. While they are ideal for light, informal hiking, this cut leaves you vulnerable to ankle wounds. Mid-cut provides more ankle care and stability, as well as an improved cushion from debris along the track. High-cut with the best stability and ankle care, this cut is finest for the hard hiker who is going on and off the trail, and traversing possibly risky ground.

Remembering the Extras


Hiking boots are crucial equipment, so its essential to ask about the delivery procedure and about how they handle the product. Likewise, you need to check appropriately if there are any additional hidden cost added to your delivery process.

Return Policy

It’s highly recommended to look at the store’s return policy to see if there are any additional cost to send in back to the manufacturer or seller when you don’t like the boots or want to return it back. If you are an online buyer, then be careful about their shipping procedure.


When you are purchasing something from online, warranty is the most important thing to consider before making the final payment. Because you can not test the product, that’s why u cannot be sure about the quality or the features you have been looking for.

How to Use and Maintain Women’s Hiking Boots?

Safety features

You need to make sure about the safety feature of your boots. There is not that much safety feature included with a hiking boot. You need to check if there are strong grip available so that you don’t slip in the clumsy or slippery area.


You need to take out the laces, and brush off any dirt or mud with a brush that is much softer. If the sole of your boots has filled with mud, use a brush with tough spikes. Spray on boot cleaner from a 10-15cm remoteness, then rub it off with fresh damp cloth or sponge. Let them dry naturally, or put on some additional defense while still moist.

Check the overall condition

When you are keeping your boots away for later use, check with the same basics that you have checked before. In specific, substitute unraveling ties, moveable grommets or D-rings, and damaged inner soles. At the very slightest, put spare substances down on your “must-buys” for the following visit to the hiking boot shop so that you’ll have the objects earlier your following trek.

Store your hiking boots

However, hiking boots don’t have a habit of to be used throughout the whole year around by most people, find an appropriate storing space that is out of the way but still effortlessly nearby when required. Avoid moist storing, or you may have difficulties with mildew growing. A shoe tree is the finest place for packing them for long-term.


Best women’s hiking boots could be manufactured with leather, synthetic or semi leather-synthetic materials. Most of the high-class hiking boots provide a one-year warranty on the service. Make sure whether the warranty covers the components too.


If you are purchasing the product from a retails store or over the online store, look for a clarification that does the seller has their own service provider staff. If not, then know details about the manufacturer warranty and where and how to send them for warranty.

Final Verdict

It very hard to choose from light day walkers to heavy-duty boots for serious backpacking. Finding the ideal fit is grave, but elegance, sturdiness, heat, weight, and even water resistance are all serious thoughts. You must also pay consideration to the substantial, footstep pattern, and the tallness of the rise on the pair of boots you buy since all of those issues are key to ease and realism. After reading the whole article, if you are still confused about which one to buy, then we are here to assist you with that specific selection.

We will start with the finest one. The Danner Women’s Mountain Light Cascade Hiking Boot & Mishmi Takin Kameng Mid Event Waterproof Hiking Boot are the most durable one in our list. While both of them are manufactured from leather, and you can guess the consequences! Yes, both of them are waterproof too.

A lot of people provide optimistic reviews for Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot and Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker for their lightweight and affordability. While the first one is the US made and the other one is an imported product. Both of them are very breathable and have sturdy construction and fashionable design. Other options like Dr. Comfort Vigor Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Hiking Boot Leather Lace and The First Outdoor Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots are good for those who want leather boots with more affordability.

We’ve reached the final stage of our article, and finally, we highly recommend you to go through our article more preciously if you still have any confusion. Take one last look before jumping to your perception about best women’s hiking boots. Try to comprehend the flexibility and dissimilar drive and the value difference among the list. We hope for your best! Happy Shopping!

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