BARSKA Blueline Golf Scope Review

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Are you seeking a simple, easy and inexpensive way to have a good estimator of the distance? This Blueline Golf Scope can remove your troublesome regarding the distance measurement of the long yardage from 50 to 200 with precision. No more guesswork is needed as the Barska 8x22 golf scope will give you an extra edge for keeping track in the long distance down the fairy.

Do you worry about how to play golf in the rainy season?
Do not worry, the waterproof configuration of the Blueline Golf Scope brings a wonderful solution to carry the rangefinder even in the inclement weather. So, no fear of the rain, as you can target from the long distance by using this Barska rangefinder scope in the dark, gloomy weather.

Having all the features of innovative technology of GPS, smarts phone apps and other tools the Blueline Golf Scope delivers accurate performance to helps the players to play with confidence through the exact distance measurement.

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01 Blueline Golf Scope Overview

This golf scope rangefinder uses a class 1 eye-safe invisible laser beam to bounce a beam of light off a distant object. The high-speed digital clock in the rangefinder measures the time it takes for the laser beam to hit the target. It keeps your eye safe from the beam of laser light.

The advanced electronics in this Barska blueline golf scope will instantly calculate the distance within 50 to 200 yards, and it can show the measurement either in meter or yardage through the LCD. The waterproof feature allows for long-lasting capability as it will not damage due to water.

02 Specifications

03 Feature Analysis

04 Pros & Cons

05 Final Verdict

Blueline Golf Scope offers quality performance without providing too many complexities, and it is almost effortless to operate. You can carry it comfortably as it requires little effort to handle. But there is a drawback, and you should be careful to handle this golf scope rangefinder.

The LCD command can provide error messages and sometimes may buffer if you put too much pressure on it. So, to avoid this thing you should command the button with passion. You should wait when put a command on the button before moving to provide another command. By developing this awareness, you can get maximum benefits from this Blueline Golf Scope.

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