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Akaso Ek7000 4k Wifi Sports Action Camera Reviews

AKASO EK7000 4K Review for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Are you thinking about touring countryside? So, you probably consider holding a camera that would be your companion to record the event as you go. You have a handy cam but it isn’t much reliable as it has high battery consumption and the feature in this cam is not up to the mark you expect. As you are going for a long tour, you need to have a better battery life cam to continue your journey while holding and recording the event. Also, you want to use the camera as dash cam as well in your car. So, you are in quest of the multi-purpose cam that would feel your requirements. With longer battery life and multi-function camera, AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera is the ideal choice to work on your condition. But you need to be sure about this Akaso EK7000 4k Action Camera if you can really count on it when the need arises. Are you going to grab it now? Don’t! Read this Akaso EK7000 4k Review first. Promise, you won’t regret it!

Can you think of purchasing Akaso EK7000 4k Action Camera for its better-quality and abundant features? We think you should identify better than that. Read below what we have recommended for you in this Akaso EK7000 4k Review.

Key Features of Akaso Ek7000 4k Wifi Sports Action Camera

1. High-Quality Capture

This 4k video recording camera has stunning 25fps/2.7k 30fps/1080p 60fps video recording mode, which provides sharper and lifelike visuals. This feature also delivers smooth video experience.

2. Faster Photo Capture

With 12MP and 30fps functionality, this camera assists you to capture the moment you don’t want to miss. Capture single photos with burst option and choose a time-lapse mode to shoot photos automatically while setting time intervals at 0.5 to 60 seconds.

3. Instant Sharing

With 2.4G Wi-Fi, the AKASO EK7000 action camera can easily connect to your smartphone and tablet. It gives you the feature that you can use to share your photos and videos instantly to social media.

4. Change the Ways it Capture

You can use the remote control to pick the mode you think suitable for your recording. Easily shift from video to photo, burst photo to time lapse by pressing the button of the remote for convenient use.

5. Waterproof Camera

This underwater camera provides a waterproof case that allows you are diving up to 30 meters and it will provide the convenience to get better quality images and videos.

6. Multi-function Camera

You can use this camera as a dash cam. Just turn on loop recording and screens rotation and mount this camera in your car.

7. Wide Angle Lens

170-degree wide angle lens allows you to capture wider angle view than 120-degree or 90-degree action cameras and it provides Akaso action camera to present an expansive field view.

8. Rechargeable Batteries

This camera comes with dual rechargeable 1050mAh batteries; each can record up to 90minutes, so you don’t need to worry about the recording time anymore.


  • Type AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera
  • Product Dimensions 0.9 x 2 x 1.5 inches
  • Screen Size 2-inch LCD
  • Lens 170-degree Wide Angle
  • Model Number EK7000
  • Wireless Technology Wi-Fi
  • Batteries Dual Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • Megapixels 12MP
  • Remote Control 2.4G
  • Color Black
  • Item Weight 2.0 lbs


  • Affordable and Quality capturing
  • Lots of mounting options
  • Capability to record longer time
  • Different angle of views


  • Improper capturing due to wide angle

Our Findings

1. Performance

I was about to go on an adventure tour where I needed a camera for recording the whole event. I was trying to record the whole adventure while I have daylight. This Akaso EK7000 camera can record with the best quality picture in bright daylight. I mostly used this camera for the purpose of underwater recording. I do have another camera but Akaso I found leaps and bounds ahead of my other camera. This multi-functional camera provides 1080p recording in 60fps that provides clearer and lifelike event. The wide lens provided me the expanded view of the underwater, so I didn’t need to turn left or right frequently. The battery lasted over two and a half hours while you frequently use it. Overall, this camera was great.

In a word, I have been inspecting this Akaso ek7000 4k wifi sports action camera for a longer period of time, and we found no problems or issues. This camera offers better quality picture and capability to record videos with a lot of functionality which is better and gives it a distinct meaning within all action cameras out there.

2. Ease of use

This is the first camera that I have used to determine how much it will be dependable in order for my snorkeling trip. The close-up pictures of this camera were good enough, and I could also set the interval between my capturing. I can also instantly upload photos to my social accounts. Also, this camera allowed me to rotate the screen and loop recording to mount it on my car and use this as a dash cam. The rich features and for better battery life, I can rely on this camera for my next trip as well.

How to Maintain Akaso Ek7000 4k Camera?

1. Maintaining the lens

  • Depending on your camera type, release the lens gently
  • Use the blower and blow off all the dirt and dust on the lens
  • Apply lens fluid to use cleaning tissue
  • Mildly wipe the lens and go toward the center of the lens
  • Re-attach the lens slowly
  • Put the lens cap on for later usage

Whom is AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Camera ideal for?

This product is ideal for outdoor activities, such as swimming, water-skiing, drifting as well as surfing. So, if you are a surfer, swimmer, and drifter or planning to record an event on your cam or use this cam as a dash cam in your car, you can always try this camera for a different purpose. So, you can take a look at Akaso ek7000 4k wifi sports action camera.

Customers’ Feedbacks

In this Akaso ek7000 review, we were more than judgmental about the product than most customers on Amazon did. Its excellent 4.3 stars with over 8000 customer reviews from real buyers should be sufficient enough to make a conclusion about Akaso ek7000 as a better product, but some users went above the average positive comment as they shared harsh experiences due to wide angle and battery issues.

However, this product has multiple functionalities with instant photo sharing and wide-angle view, including high-quality capture to make your capturing more eventful.

Our Final Thoughts

So, you know every detail of this product through this Akaso EK7000 review, and it takes us to make the finishing result about this product. You certainly want to see the last observation that we made according to the outcome we have found. When we reviewed this product for a significant amount of time, later, we came into an assumption that this product can flawlessly work with efficiency in different situations. As this product features faster photo sharing with multiple functionalities that provide adjusting the camera easily and wide-angle lens with better battery functionalities, this Akaso EK7000 action camera is surely a better product than most of the cameras out there.


Question : How do you mount the camera?
Answer : You can mount by using specific mounts that comes with the camera. You can mount using bike mount, helmet mount, drone mount, clip mount, and several angle mounts to assist you getting the right angle.

Question : Is this camera good for underwater?
Answer : This action camera is a better one to choose, and it would be great for fresh water. Make sure it won’t create any rust.

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