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STS 80 HD Swarovski Review (Eyepiece Required)

Swarovski Spotting Scope HD-STS 80

Swarovski spotting scopes are suitable viewing for long distance and also provide you very clear observation of long distance. It also features high light transmission and ultra-high magnification power. You can get an adventures day with an excellent view of this spotting scope.

To provide you a razor-sharp detail about any objects this spotting scope has 80mm large objective lens diameter. For its high light gathering qualities you can get a clear observation because it will work well at high magnification. HD lenses are an excellent feature of this scope which is able to reduce color fringing and can provide high contrast images. If you want to pick the impressive picture, you can easily do it by this spotting scope because of its HD lens.

Swarovski spotting scopes can provide you very clear and bright picture even in the low light or dusk also. It is an important part of digital photography. It has straight- angle feature which will let you localize the flying birds easily, and the interesting thing is that you can follow the flying birds by sitting in a car without seeing them.

Besides, these lenses are nonstick Swaro clean coating Lenses which are helpful to remove insect repellents, tree resin, and other dried things. Rubber armoring of these Swarovski scopes are very protective from shock and noise. This spotting scope will not stop your vision for raining or any rough weather because it is dustproof and waterproof. And you will be relaxed with its lifetime warranty.


  • Item Weight 4.3 pounds
  • Length ,Weight 13.19 ounces, 42.15 ounces
  • Item model number 49618
  • Warranty Limited lifetime


  • Effective for hunting and bird watching and outdoor activities.
  • Provide straight viewing
  • Provide very clear and remarkable picture
  • Provide high contrast images in low light
  • Glasses are waterproof and dustproof
  • Protective in shock and noise situation for silent observation

Our Remarks

Swarovski spotting scopes are wonderful scope for impressive, high contrast and more faithful color picture. It will not stop you to see the objects in the poor light also. it is a comfortable and very protective scope that will provide you safe and silent observation. This spotting scope is dustproof, waterproof and submersible to 13 ft that will provide you a clear image in all situations.

The eyepiece is sold separately from the spotting scope body; the eyepiece is very important for clear vision. This scope is very effective for running objects that why it is suitable for hunting and birdwatching. Besides, it has lifetime warranty option which will relax you for longer use.

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