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Pentax PF 65ed II Spotting Scope Review

Pentax PF-65ED II Spotting Scope

The PF-65ED II Spotting Scopes are somewhat a recent release from Pentax. They modified their old 65-mm scope line with better-quality glass material and multi-coated lens. There are two available versions of Pentax Scopes: angled and straight. The item we took for review is a straight version. Spotting Scopes is a type of mini telescope designed for outdoor enthusiasts for terrestrial viewing. They can be used for hunting, birding, surveillance and so forth. With the 20-60x XF zoom eyepiece, the straight version comes at an affordable price range below $1,000 while there is ED glass material with other attractive fixtures like this one for well over the same range. We would like you to pay kind attention now!

Whom is Pentax PF-65ED II Spotting Scope for?

It is a high-quality optics comes with thick lens diameter, close focus distance, wide field of view, eye relief and exit pupil allow bright and sharp images of nature, trees, birds and other wild beasts, and even it unfolds a clear looking pathway toward the Moon. All the optical design, Porro prism design and details of surfaces meet the need and outlooks of nature enthusiasts.

The Pentax PF-65ED II Spotting Scope Explained

Pentax PF-65ED II Spotting Scopes or Pentax binoculars are designed for high-quality outdoor viewing with excellent optical elements that deliver finer images. These Pentax Scopes feature Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass that yields truer colors and astoundingly sharper image. These optics are fully multicoated which facilitates maximum light transmission with slight internal reflections. The Pentax PF II Spotting Scope comes with a 65mm objective lens that lets in ample light for a clear and bright image. This optics ends with an eyepiece mount with 1.25 inches standard diameter surrounded by a metal collet.

Pentax appears to recommend a 6.5 to19.5mm eyepiece for a variable range of the field of view and magnification ratio: from 42 to 60 degrees and 20x to 60x respectively. Besides these high-precision optics, Pentax PF-65 ED- II Spotting Scopes come equipped with a compact and lightweight chassis which is so durable that can withstand against the most extreme weather environments. These PF ED-2 65mm Straight Spotting Scopes by Pentax are nitrogen purged JIS grade 6 to give the waterproof and fog proof performance for ultimate protection. Pentax’s PF 65mm ED II has a versatile exterior which makes it an excellent optics.

The body is made out of magnesium alloy for maximum durability. It comes with a rubberized housing to protect the device from shock. This optics has an incorporated sunshade which glides out to prevent sun glare. These Pentax Scopes can be mounted on any typically threaded tripod. There is a rotating tripod collar which allows users to put in various positions for comfortable observing. These features a top-quality Spotting Scope for outstanding performance.


  • Product Dimension 4.7-inch x 10.6-inch x 3.4-inch
  • Product Weight 2.36 lbs.
  • Color Black
  • Product Model Number 70966
  • Objective Diameter 65 mm
  • Close Focus Distance 16.4 ft
  • Focal length 390mm
  • Field of View at 1000 yards 111-51 ft
  • Eye Relief 15 mm to 11mm
  • Exit Pupil 3.2 mm to 1.1mm
  • Focal Length 390 mm
  • Focus Range 5 m to Infinity
  • Gas Filled Nitrogen
  • Water Resistance Level JIS Class 6


  • The ED optics and multi-layer coatings eliminate unusual bright images, with true colors and clear edges, and balanced contrasts for a good viewing experience
  • With a wide field of view and ample light gathering capacity, it allows the scope for remarkable terrestrial and lunar views
  • It is fully coated and rubberized to protect the metal frame and valuable inside components from shocks
    Because of lightweight and compact design, it is easy to pack in a rucksack and carry around without difficulty
  • This spotting scope can be straddling or mounted on any tripod
    It is too lightweight to turn the entire assembly in an easy to carry structure
  • It is nitrogen purged to make it environmentally protected, and sunshade slides works perfectly in rough weather which removes glare
  • The price is very reasonable in terms of the technical specifications


  • It is difficult to find this device with zoom eyepiece guidebook online. It might upset novice astronomers and wildlife observers.

Our Remarks

Summing up, the Pentax Spotting Scopes with excellent Eyepiece images has been proved suitable for terrestrial or lunar viewing because it can provide perfectly sharp, bright, contrast ratio and true color, so the recommendation for you is this product. Even if you are a keen birder or a nonprofessional stargazer occasionally use it to gaze at the Moon, this device will meet your expectations. From this point of view, the price/quality balance is more than acceptable. There is also the Diamondback 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope by Vortex Optics at almost same qualities. But, the PF-65ED Pentax Scopes come at a low price which makes it affordable and a simple and intuitive option thanks to the rational design.


Question : Does this PF-65ED II have Dual Focus?
Answer :Unfortunately, the Pentax Spotting Scope has a single focus mechanism. But this is nothing really bad though most people prefer dual focus on spotting long-range. An optics with such quality, Pentax proves how well this feature can function over two knobs. They retain quality where it has to be as well as where they can deliver it smoothly.

Question : What are the differences between the PF 65 ED-II & the EDA-II?
Answer :There are only a few differences between these two models. The angled version has a rotating feature which you can twist on for your convenient observation. The carrying case is specified with the straight versions which Pentax did not specify with the angled model. It is well-suited to use on the straight model as you use it.

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