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Bushnell AR Optics Review For Hunters and Shooters

Bushnell AR Optics

Target practicing or hunting needs complete attention of a shooter. When you have a Riflescope with your rifle, it becomes enjoyable putting all your effort into making the shooting successful. In this case, Bushnell AR Optics can be a helpful tool for shooting because of its lightweight and compact structure. There are many other facts to be successful in the shooting. Is this tool going to help you? Well, you need to continue reading to know how helpful it can be during shooting. Keep reading and learn the features, advantages of this scope. We hope this Bushnell AR optics review will help you to find out whether it’s the one for you or not.

Key Features of Bushnell Ar Optics

1. Sealed O ring

This Drop Zone Reticle Riflescope is designed cleverly with the sealed O ring. The manufacturer hopes it will help to prevent the dust or any moisture to get in the housing of the lenses. It also gives the optic a strong structure which may help it to prevent shocks.

2. Nitrogen Purged

In order to keep the housing free of any bacterial build up the Bushnell used nitrogen to purge the housing. It helps to resist the moistures and keeps the keeps the housing fine so that the users get a proper view.

3. Material

The material is always important for metal items. The aluminum alloy of this Riflescope helps it to be rust free. The anodized finish and sealed structure help to protect the lenses inside. The material makes it rust proof and virtually scratch free.

4. Multicoated Optics and Compatibility

Fully multicoated optics of this optic gathers all the lights and produces a better image for the users. This Bushnell AR 223 is specially designed keeping the rem 223/ 5.556 loads in mind. For the 55-62 grains, this Bushnell AR is the best couple.


  • Tube Diameter 30mm
  • Color Black
  • Magnification x Obj. Lens 1-4x24mm
  • Parallax Adjustment Range Fixed at 100 yd
  • Eye Relief 3.5in / 88.9mm
  • Length 9.4in / 238.7mm
  • Weight 18.0oz / 510g
  • Field of View (ft @100 yd) 112ft @ 1X to 27ft @ 4X
  • Elevation Adjustment Range 120 MOA / 34.9 MIL
  • Windage Adjustment Range 140 MOA / 40.7 MIL
  • Travel Per Rotation 6 MIL
  • Elevation Turret Exposed
  • Windage Turret Exposed
  • Coatings Fully Multi-coated
  • Illuminated Available
  • Rainguard Yes
  • Product type Riflescopes
  • Collection AR Optics


  • Rustproof Riflescope because of the material
  • Comfortable eye relief
  • Lightweight scope comfortable to use
  • 4x magnifications
  • Sealed O ring to improve its lifetime


  • Thick crosshair

Our Findings

There is nothing flawless in this world. Let’s now try to find out what problem may arise while using this Bushnell AR optics. Keep reading this Bushnell AR optics review to learn the facts!

1. Performance

The performance of this scope is quite satisfying for a medium range Riflescope. It’s easy to mount on a rifle and operate. It has a 4x magnification to support the users to some extent. This much of magnification proves sometimes enough for operating a successful shooting.

It becomes a tough scope to use because of its thick reticle. When you try to point to some object relatively closer, you will find it hard even to look at the object. If you are looking for an object far away it also makes it quite impossible to fix the right point. Bushnell needs to work on this reticle to make it comfortable for the users.

However, novice users may face this problem, but the pros will go great with the issue.

2. Ease of use

It’s a tool that needs to be used with the rifle, so the weight is really important for a user. It’s a lightweight scope so using it with a rifle shouldn’t cost much. With a Picatinny rail and a medium size mounting, o ring helps the users to mount it easily and enjoy its service.

3. Price

This Riflescope costs as much as an average Riflescope available in the market. Purchasing this item at this price might not be something to regret.

How to Use and Store Bushnell AR 223?

1. What magnification do I need?

Magnification is a relative thing. It can’t be consistent all the time. If you use a higher magnification object comes near to you, and then if the objects move fast, you wouldn’t be able to keep track. On the other hand, if you use a lower magnification than the targeted object might not be clear enough to you. So you need a magnifying power that helps you to watch an object perfectly.

2. How to store a Riflescope?

Storing a Riflescope is comfortable as it does not occupy a lot of space. You just need a case to keep it. There are cases where you can put both the gun and Riflescope together and keep them safely in your place. Always remember to put the lens cover when the scope not in use. Clean the objective lens with a lens brush.

Whom is Bushnell AR 223 ideal for?

It’s an ideal product for someone who is looking for a lightweight scope and doesn’t need high magnification. That means if someone is trying to target objects near 100 meters can comfortably use this Bushnell Riflescope. It can certainly help a user to boost his performance. Definitely it will earn its place among the best Riflescopes out there.

Customers’ Feedbacks

This Bushnell AR Optics has successfully got the attention of the users. Only in the Amazon, about 300 customers have reviewed this optic, and 70% of the user found it efficient in their use. The overall rating of 4.5 stars shows that it’s a great mid-range optic.

Our Final Thoughts

When you are used to using this optic, this Drop Zone Reticle Riflescope can help you in a great way. It’s lightweight, so you will be able to carry the rifle with this mounted scope comfortably. The multicoated lenses receive the lights nicely and produce a better image of the object in the retina of the user. So there is a better chance to perform better. Hope this Bushnell AR optics review might help you to make a better decision.


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