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Browning Strike Force Elite Sub Micro Trail Camera

Browning Strike Force Elite

Wild lives are really interesting to observe, but it’s not safe to get close to them. A trail camera can help a lot in this case by capturing images and videos. These cameras give a good idea of the ecosystem. This observation is not only recreational; it can be used for research and hunting. Browning trail cameras have been a great support for the people who want to have a close look of the wildlife as well as many other security uses. Carry on with our Browning strike force elite review and know the functionality and uses of the camera to make sure whether you need this kind of camera or not.

Key Features of Browning Strike Force Elite Sub Micro Trail Camera

Let’s continue with the Browning strike force elite review to know the key features of the product.

1. Memory management

Browning trail cameras come with extended memory management support. It can help the users with extended support of 512GB SDXC card. If you only take pictures, it’s a huge space. Thousands of pictures can be stored in that memory card. If you choose the video option, you will need to change the memory card frequently.

2. Image and Video

The Browning strike force elite has got both the photo and video capturing option which makes it a great tool to use for various purposes. According to the manufacturer it has got the trigger speed of 0.22-0.7 seconds which is adjustable. The recovery time of 0.6 Second is another plus for the users to get the most valued images and videos.

3. Portability and Usability

It’s a compact and lightweight tool. To carry or to set it up in a position is never a problem. It comes with a strap to help attach to a pole or branch easily. As it’s just about 2 pounds or so it stays nicely after just using the strap. The manufacturer claims to have a 120 ft IR Flash Range with it which helps it to capture images around 80 ft radius. So can see in front of it nothing can hide really if it works properly.

4. Power and Battery

To run the camera with the battery, you will need 6 AA batteries. This might sound a lot, but it helps to support the camera for long. There is also a 12 Volt external power jack which will help to connect it with any powerful battery for a continuous source of power.

5. Picture Info bar

Another great feature of this camera is the info bar on the images. You get the time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera id on the info which may help the users to serialize and track the changes pretty easily.

6. Time Lapse Function

Browning trail cameras feature Time Lapse Function which will give you a whole new viewing experience with your captured images.


  • Camera Resolution 10 MP
  • Model BTC-5FHD5
  • Size 4.5? x 3.25? x 2.5?
  • Detection Range up to 80 ft.(Adjustable)
  • Memory Support up to 512GB SDXC (not included)
  • Battery Required 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • Trigger Speed 0.22-0.7 seconds
  • Recovery Time 0.6 second
  • Video Quality 1080p FHD Videos with Sound (5 sec. – 2 min. length)
  • Night Infrared LED Options Power saver, Long Range, Fast Motion
  • IR Flash Range 100 ft.
  • External Power Jack 12 volt
  • Picture info bar contains Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase, Camera ID
  • Programmable Picture Delay 1 sec. – 60 min.
  • Compatible with Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software


  • High-quality image and video with audio
  • Easy to set up in the woods
  • Compact tool
  • The Camo Finish is helpful to disguise nicely
  • IR supported camera


  • No tracking device attached

Our Findings

Well, we have got to know that this trail camera has got some great features to satisfy its users. Now let’s try to find out how it performs!

1. Performance

When you talk about the performance of this camera, there are lots of positive things to talk about. Firstly the photos captured at night. The manufacturer is using illuma-Smart Technology here to grab the images without any complication. The technology automatically adjusts the IR Flash and gives the perfect night photos. Another great thing is the addition of SDXC card compatibility to support up to 512 GB memory. The Smart IR camera makes it a perfect tool to bring every detail of the place with ease.

We found all things right with this Browning trail camera which is really satisfying. What it’s lacking are the thief alarm and the tracking system. The manufacturer should take these issues into account and work with them to present a perfect tool for the customers.

2. Ease of use

Setting it up and carrying it to the exact point is never been a problem because of its compact size and lightweight feature. A simple strap can hold it up for a long time without taking further care. Using its user-friendly interface, anybody can set the program as they want. It also supports a huge memory card to store a lot of images and videos. The 6 AA batteries help the users to run without any interruption in a day; also the external jack gives the long hour of support 12-volt connection with external heavy batteries.

How to Maintain Browning Strike Force Elite?

1. How to protect the trail camera from rain?

You need to use some kind of shed to keep the camera safe from rain even if the manufacturer claims it to be waterproof. We have seen people using a simple plastic gallon to protect the camera. Take a big plastic gallon to cut it into a cylindrical shape by cutting the upper portion then cut a portion of the side to clear the view of the camera. Adjust it with a wood piece to make it strong. Drill 2 holes to make sure you can bind the strap with the pole or any tree. Now set the bottle upside down your camera shelter is ready.

Whom is this product ideal for?

We who love to hunt in the jungles and love to have a close look of the wild badly need a trail camera along with the scopes or other hunting gadgets. It can comfortably be set with a tree, and it can automatically capture the moments inside the SD card. You don’t have to be besides the camera to control it all the time. It just needs some regular checkup to make sure whether it’s working in the right way or not.

Customers’ Feedbacks

With the price and the image quality, most of the users found it really helpful for their surveillance. The user interface of the camera also makes them happy as its simple to use. Customers also loved it for the twin pack as they replace the cameras when required.

Our Final Thoughts

Trail cameras are always important to capture the night movements. The infrared illumination helps the owners in a great way as it does not get noticed just in simple look. So it becomes easy to detect the movement both in the wild and in the other place. It has got the speed and perfect sensor to catch all moves and gives the owner a clear view of the place with all data. It helps the owner to take further actions. The Camo finish gives it a perfect look to disguise, and all the job is done with efficiency. Hope this Browning strike force elite review gives a clear indication of what this camera is capable of and the need of it for you. Enjoy!


Question : How does the trail camera work?
Answer :The trail camera comes with the sensor that can sense the movement and body temperature to capture the image and videos. This camera can detect an object’s movement around 80 ft of distance. It’s really cool.

Question : Does the camera turn in any direction?
Answer :No, it comes with a fixed camera no movement, but it gets everything that moves in front of it in 80ft radius.

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