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Top 10 Best Pistol Scope – 2024 Updated Reviews

People take shooting, wood hunting, and like outdoor activities as their passion. These pursuits need a crystalline image to enhance your skills, and best pistol scope acts as an ideal media to provide such resolution and clarification. The scope is attached with a pistol, revolver, handgun and other weapons for clear-cut and zoomed view and allows you to take the magnificent shot.

Brands like Leupold, Meopta, Burris, Bushnell and other started developing pistol scopes about 80 years ago. Meopta is probably the first who makes the best revolvers and currently taken as the classic European well-known optics brand. Although the journey began a long time ago, revolver with a scope has changed a lot by this time. Advanced engineering, inspired technology, and creative innovation together have created today’s best pistol scope.

Like any other pistol scopes reviews, we will not begin our thorough discussion now. But, we have something extra for you in our next section to help you tackle the number of best pistol scope brands. Proceed further to know more.

How Do We Pick The Pistol Scope?

In case you are wondering, how we pick the best pistol scope for us, let us clear your confusions. Before analyzing a product, we categorize some factors that we seek the most from the product, and if these factors match with those or that product, it does not take a single moment to take the ultimate decision. For top pistols 2017, you can consider factors like magnification, lens, construction, finish, price, retcile, usage method, etc. We believe now it will be easier for you to pick the best pistol scope.

Our 10 Best Pistol Scope for the Money

01 Ncstar pistol scope

Ncstar pistol scope

Ncstar pistol scope comes from a quality brand with reasonable price and innovative design. But we have more to say about this best pistol scope in our Nc star scopes review. These Ncstar scopes are built with blue multi-coated lens and 32 millimeter objective for the distortion-free clear image. The variable power magnification allows perfect shorter to mid-range shooting for its wide-ranging capacity.

This Ncstar 2-7×32 also has a best long eye relief scope that provides an extended mounting capability. The non-illuminated reticle lets you take the best shots with confidence even in twilight hours. These were the important facts we want to highlight about this extended eye relief scope Ncstar scopes review.


  • Objective Diameter 32 Millimeter
  • Tube Diamete 1 Inches
  • Eye Relief 8.7-To-10.7-Inch
  • Exit Pupi 16-To-4.6-Millimeter
  • Item Weight 2 pounds
  • Warranty Lifetime


  • Best pistols for the money
  • Multi-coated lens and amazing objective lens
  • Powerful variable magnification
  • Long eye relief scope
  • Non-illuminated reticle

Our Verdict

Ncstar pistol scope comes as a complete pack best pistol for the price, aluminum weaver style rings and owner’s guide for clear instructions. It includes lens caps for further security, and weaver pistol scope rings ensure easy installation of a scope. Even if you find an issue in mounting, you can check the manual or go through Ncstar scopes reviews.

You can get a crystal-clear image with wide-range capabilities with this best pistol scope. Along with our Ncstar scope review and many other Ncstar scope reviews have mentioned the quality standard of the brand and how hard it tries to get full customer satisfaction. These Ncstar reviews also reveal that this scope has been widely used by professionals and armed forces, etc.

02 AIM Sports 2-7X32 Dual III rifle scope

AIM Sports 2-7X32 Dual III rifle scope

AIM Sports 2-7X32 Dual III rifle scope has Dual ill. Long eye relief and includes a red laser. This pistol with scope provides laser sight for an accurate shot and comes in a single integrated package. The 2-7X32 magnification and 32 mm objective lens of these Aim sports scopes are remarkable as well. The scope gives you a chance to select one from red and green illuminated reticles.

One of the best parts about this extended eye relief rifle scope is its durable construction. Made with one solid piece of the aircraft grade aluminum body, the best pistol scope can take plenty of heavy recoils. Moreover, the scope is fog proof, has shock-resistant housing and charged with nitrogen for the weather-resistant seal.


  • Length 10.5″
  • Objective 32 mm
  • diameter 1″
  • Magnification 2X-7X
  • Item Weight 1 pounds
  • Lens Coating Blue
  • Item model number JHR2732B
  • Finish Matte Black


  • Lasting aircraft grade aluminum body
  • Extended eye relief with laser
  • Wonderful magnification
  • Shock-resistant
  • Weather-proof

Our Verdict

AIM Sports 2-7X32 Dual III rifle scope is one of the best long eye relief scopes with endurable construction and scratch and weather protection. The red and green laser illuminated reticles give the pistol scope an additional feature. You can witness powerful magnification and resolution with a blue fused multi-coated lens that gives the scope a superior light transmission. We expect you to understand our impression on this best pistol 2017 through our Aim sports scopes review.

03 BSA 2-7X32 Edge Series Pistol Scope

BSA 2-7X32 Edge Series Pistol Scope

BSA 2-7X32 Edge Series Pistol Scope is amongst the best pistol for target shooting. The adjustable BSA classic scope has an objective size of 32 mm for better light transmissions and brighter views even in poor lighting condition and distant places. This best target pistol consists of the multi-coating lens for improved resolution and sharpness. The zoom magnification ring is adjusted to the ocular’s standard focus eyepiece.

This longest pistol shot is durable for both target shooting and big game and built to last longer than you can ever imagine. It is safeguarded with BSA’s Climate Xtreme Protection to protect the best 32 pistol from water, fog, and shock. The solid o-ringed one-piece tube is filled with bone-dry nitrogen for weather resistance. We have included specifications with this BSA scope review for your convenience.


  • Product Dimensions 10.5 X 3 X 2.5 Inches
  • Item Weight 1.03 Pounds
  • Parallax Setting Fixed 50 Yards
  • Adjustment Range 45 – 45
  • Item model number PS27X32


  • Improved light transmissions
  • Water, fog and shockproof
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Filled with bone-dry nitrogen
  • Extended eye relief
  • Best 22 pistol for the money
  • Weather Protection: Waterproof, Fogproof And Shockproof
  • Click Adjustment Elevation/Windage: 1/4 MOA

Our Verdict

BSA 2-7X32 Edge Series Pistol Scope is a great value for investment and made to provide a delightful shooting experience. There is no doubt in the quality of the protection and durability of these best pistol scopes rather it lets you enjoy shooting and any other outdoor activities.

As we wanted to stand out different from other BSA scopes reviews, our recommendations to you will be to consider mounting base, mounting rings and proper spacing of rings and their height to get a professional-like shooting and you can use it as air pistol scope, rimfire, centerfire, etc.

04 Simmons ProHunter Handgun Scope

Simmons ProHunter Handgun Scope

Simmons ProHunter Handgun Scope is best hunting handgun with quality optics. The multi-coated handgun optics and high-quality optical glass provide beautiful HD clarity and brightest, sharpest and high-contrast image. The handgun scope 2-6x magnification, 32 mm objective and Simmons Truplex reticle. This best quality handgun delivers you optimum performance with stunning image quality.

These best budget handguns have always been made of 100% quality materials and tested carefully and extensively before brought to market. It has raised tab on power change ring too so that you can hold the Simmons pistol scope firmly and make the surer adjustment. These best affordable handguns looked beautiful and built to provide service for years. Read our Simmons scope review to know about technical details.


  • Product Dimensions 14.5 x 2.9 x 2.9 inches
  • Weight 1.2 pounds
  • Item model number 822009
  • Magnification & Objective 2-6×32
  • Field Of View (Ft100yds) 14/4.5


  • High-quality optical glass
  • Water, fog and shockproof
  • Stunning HD clarity
  • Easy grip and adjustment
  • Best budget handgun

Our Verdict

Simmons ProHunter Handgun Scope meets the demand of any serious hunter through high-quality resolution and clarification. Simmons have always provided wide-range of innovative, quality and cost-efficient stuff for hunting and other outdoor pursuits and this best handgun scope is no different. The magnification range is high, and it is comfortable to hold the grip and make any adjustment of this 32 mm gun.

05 SWIFT SRP6266NS Pistol Scope

SWIFT SRP6266NS Pistol Scope

SWIFT SRP6266NS Pistol Scope is a 2×20 swift riflescope that gives easy target acquisition no matter how the lighting conditions are. The superior optics featuring the USA made BaK7 Schott glass and multi-coated optics deliver immense light transmission and let you aim Parallax-free at 50 yards. You can aim approximately ¼ inches at 100 yards.

This best hunting pistol has full saddle construction and 1 inches Aircraft Aluminum Tube for more strength and endurance. The best pistol for target shooting withstands the unique recoil which is generated by magnum handcoils. It includes locking ring eyepiece, MOA finger-turn windage, elevation adjustments and self-centering Quadraplex reticle. Besides, the satin-nickel finish looks attractive as well.


  • Objective Diameter 20mm
  • FOV 1000 Yds/M 18.3ft/6.1m
  • Weight 8.5oz / 241g
  • Prisms BaK7 Schott
  • Warranty Swift Lifetime
  • MOA 1/4 Inches


  • Easy target acquisition
  • Beautiful nickel satin finish
  • Weather and shock resistance
  • BaK7 Schott glass for light transmission
  • Unique recoil generated by magnum handcoil
  • Weather Resistance: Waterproof, Fogproof And Shockproof

Our Verdict

SWIFT SRP6266NS Pistol Scope is a beautiful looking best pistol scope that has a lightweight package and taken as best for quick target acquisition. The nickel satin finish matches well nickel pistols and revolvers, or even chrome finished handguns. From dusk till dawn, from sunny, hot weather to the rainy, damp environment, you will get the most desirable and swift transmission through this best revolver for the money.

06 Bushnell Trophy Handgun Scope

Bushnell Trophy Handgun Scope

Bushnell Trophy Handgun Scope arrives with seven configurations and six reticle options for a perfect hunting application. The fully multi-coated lens provides a clearer image even during bad weather and lighting conditions. This Bushnell pistol scope also has rain guard HD lens coating so that you can never miss the chance to take a shot in rain and storm.

These handgun scopes have a magnification of 2-6x 32 mm to deliver 91% best-in-class light transmission, 1 inches one-piece aircraft aluminum tube and contain fast-focus eyepiece. The side-parallel adjustment lets you use the best budget pistol very easily. In addition, these scopes for pistol are water, fog and shockproof and nitrogen purged.


  • Product Dimensions 16.8 x 3.6 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight 11 ounces
  • Size 2-6 x 32mm
  • Color Matte Black
  • Item model number 752633


  • Multi-x reticle options
  • Aircraft Aluminum tube
  • Fully multi-coated pistol optics
  • Rain guard HD lens coating
  • Comes with the fast-focus eyepiece
  • Lens Coating: Fully Multi-Coated

Our Verdict

Bushnell Trophy Handgun Scope is an ideal combination of edge-to-edge clarity, 91% light transmission and protection. The high-quality configurations and reticle give one of the finest hunting and shooting experience. While the aircraft aluminum construction and rain guard makes it durable and sheltered. The Bushnell 44 magnum scope is backed by no questions lifetime warranty. So, you can try it once.

07 Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex

Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex

Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex is made according to expert’s advice with a Posi-lock system. The lock system is basically a coil-spring Assisted Retractable steel post given to place the scope accurately, firmly and securely. Burris pistol scope goes through extreme recoil tests with no impact machine to verify recoil pulse acceleration and duration. These Burris pistol scopes have steel on steel adjustment system also. It is repeatable and works with audible clicks.

It is a fog, water, and shockproof Burris hand gun scope and filled and purged with high-quality dry nitrogen for a translucent view. The multi-coated lenses and 32 mm objective provide clear image and sight; while ultra-fast target acquisition let you have a look at those views with both eyes open. These Burris hand gun scopes include double internal spring force as well.


  • Product Dimension 12 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Weight 13 ounces
  • Color matte black
  • Item model number 200261


  • Firm and secured placement for Posi-lock
  • Recoil tested pistol scope
  • Fog, water, and shock-resistance
  • Designed for both eyes
  • Filled with laboratory grade Nitrogen
  • Additional Features Fog Proof, Waterproof

Our Verdict

Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex sets the standard for optical excellence, durability, and low mounting capabilities. The high-quality Burris magnifier, objective and multi-coating lens are sure to provide an incredibly crystal-clear sight plus the secured placement allows you to place your both eyes on the target. The steel-on-steel adjustment ensures repeatability, and the scope is saved from weather conditions. This is all about Burris scopes review.

08 Weaver Classic Matte Handgun Scope

Weaver Classic Matte Handgun Scope

Weaver Classic Matte Handgun Scope is made of the highest quality material for a long-term superb service. If you have any indecision or doubt about the quality of ar pistol scope, you should know the scope crosses torture-test to withstand as the most powerful handgun calibers. These weaver handgun scopes are equipped with fully multi-coated lenses for optimum reliability, accuracy, and clarity.

The 1” one-piece construction contributes to the quality for a longer lifespan and sheltered with fog, shock, and waterproofness. Nitrogen purged solid tube removes internal fogging and provides a clear and crisp image. Also, the 50-yard parallax delivers quality service through this pistol scope for sale.


  • Product Dimensions 12 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Item model number 849429
  • Finish Matte
  • Reticle Type Dual-X


  • Built with high-quality material
  • Solid one-piece tube
  • Nitrogen filled and purged
  • Most powerful handgun calibers
  • Set for 50-yard parallax

Our Verdict

Weaver Classic Matte Handgun Scope is the best scope for today’s most powerful and best revolver 2017 for its fine quality, durability, and performance. The tremendous recoil performs to deliver rugged accuracy being torture-tested. These 44 mag scopes also have sure-grip power adjustment ring, forgiving eye-relief, clear magnification and durable construction. As shooters edge scopes, this 22 pistol scope will leave you stunned with its exclusiveness.

09 Leupold FX-II Handgun scope

Leupold FX-II Handgun scope

Leupold FX-II Handgun scope is a high-quality fixed power Leupold pistol scope with additional benefits of an extended 18 inches eye relief that makes it a complete pack. The generous eye relief of this Leupold hand gun scope makes it easy for you to target and hold the target likewise.

The Leupold 2.5-8 revolver scope has 4x magnifications with Multicoat 4 lens system which provides a clear idea of the actual size of the targeted object and lets you target accordingly. Besides, Leupold handgun scopes have twilight lens system, diamondcoat2, 2nd generation argon waterproofing and many other petty but important features.


  • Product Dimensions 14 x 3.2 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight 1.1 pounds
  • Color Matte
  • Item model number 58750


  • 4x magnification
  • 18 inches long eye relief
  • Consists of multi-coated 4 lens system
  • Fixed power scope
  • High-rated best pistol scope
  • Additional Features: Waterproof

Our Verdict

Leupold FX-II Handgun scope is an ideal choice for serious shooters and hunters who seek for optical quality and performance. These Leupold handgun scopes are no-nonsense, simple usage scope for smaller targets and meaningful achievements. The 4x magnification, 4 multicoat lens system, and extended eye relief let you perform amazingly in the field for a game or on the range for targets. It has always been easy to acquire and hold the target with Leupold handgun scope.

10 Twod 3X Magnifier Scope

Twod 3X Magnifier Scope

Twod 3X Magnifier Scope goes with any best hunting revolver for its 30 mm tube with fully-multi-coated optics. This revolver scope gives adequate light even in low-light conditions to target appropriately. You can have a longer range than with just a red dot from this efficient pistol scope. The construction is both solid and lightweight. Machined aluminum and hard anodized coating protect the scope from being damaged.

This best .22lr pistol is waterproof and fog proof as well. This powerful scope has 3x Magnifier that can transform your 1x power red dot into an extended range 3x optic for a simple application. You can see distant targets larger with just a push of a switch. Furthermore, there is an upgraded flip-to-side mechanism for better CQB and targets. It includes a QD Picatinny mount feature too.


  • Length 130 Mm (5.12”)
  • Tube Diameter 30 Mm (1.18”)
  • Weight 16 oz .
  • Warranty Limited Life


  • 30 mm tube with fully-multi-coated optics
  • Best cheap 22 pistol scope
  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • Upgraded flip-to-side mechanism
  • Easy operation
  • QD Picatinny mount feature
  • Material-Housing: Anodized Aluminum
  • Mounting: Fits For Standard 20mm Weaver And Picatinny Rail
  • Water/ Fog Proof: Yes

Our Verdict

Twod 3X Magnifier Scope is a versatile best pistol scope that offers unique magnification facility. You can easily increase the magnification of accompanying sights for larger view and transform the red dot. The improved QD Picatinny mount feature is easier to install as well. The design of this scope is sturdy enough and delivers faster shoots by creating a greater engagement range in any situation and weather condition.

Final Verdict

Well, we are done with our thorough discussion on each best pistol scope. Now, the decision transfers to you. Despite our important information on these best 22 pistol 2017, you may still be confused with your decision. So, to help you in this regard for the last time we have included some following guidelines for you.

For people who admire quality, we recommend Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex. If you are concerned about your price or budget, you would suggest you pick AIM Sports 2-7X32 Dual III rifle scope and Simmons ProHunter Handgun Scope or can go for pistol scopes for sale.

There are people with elegance taste who want a high-class product only. They can choose the Leupold FX-II Handgun scope. For those who want just a basic revolver scopes with good features at a reasonable price, your two fine choices are Twod 3X Magnifier Scope and Ncstar pistol scope. Hopefully, now you will be able to choose the best pistol scope for you. Good luck!

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