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Truglo Shotgun Scope Reviews – Compact Rimfire

Truglo Scopes Are Specially Focused For Shotguns

The Scope is a common name for a telescopic sight. It’s an optical sighting device based on a refracting telescope for precise optical positioning in hunting or any other target oriented shooting. The Truglo Scopes are perfect to set on any regular model rifles, and the Diamond reticle is specially designed for shotgun hunting like turkey and deer.

The fully coated optical lenses provide 100 percent clarity and high contrast point-zoom images of the target. The sensitive ocular lens is surrounded by a rubber eye guard for protection and your comfortable eye positioning. The fingertip windage and elevation adjustment under screw caps are enhanced with durable leaf spring for accurate precision. The aircraft quality aluminum tube creates an impressive royal look. All the qualities are composed to make it durable, scratch resistance and non-reflective matte finish. In addition, the Truglo is providing no question lifetime warranty.

Truglo Shotgun Scope Explained

The Truglo is specialized for turkey and deer hunting. Let’s check by unfolding the features; how Truglo makes it special. The scope is most suitable to set on hunting shotgun with specially designed diamond reticle, but it’s also nice for any contemporary riffle. It has high quality multi-coated telescopic lenses for maximum brightness and high contrast images.

The Truglo ergonomically designed the rubber eye-guard to prevent your eye from side sight for more concentration on your object. They used innovative windage and elevation adjustment screw caps to customize elevation and windage. The added durable leaf spring helps you to precise the target point. For ultimate durability, the Truglo scopes are made of one piece aircraft quality aluminum, and for diverse environment compatibility, the scope is water and fog proofed by O-ring seal and nitrogen.

Moreover, the exterior is non-reflective matte finished and scratch resistant. For your kind information Model, 8504BR includes rings for .22 rifle and air rifle and the Model 8504BD/CD includes wave style rings. After all, you are getting unconditional lifetime limited warranty.


  • Brand TRUGLO
  • Product Dimensions 0.5 X 0.5 X 6 Inch
  • Weight 1lbss
  • Color Black
  • Model number TG8504BD
  • Lens Diameter 32mm
  • Style Name Diamond Reticle


  • Special Diamond Reticle
  • Designed For Shotgun Hunting
  • Fully Coated Lenses
  • Maximum Brightness And Clarity
  • Rubber Eye-Guard
  • Fingertip Windage
  • One Piece Tube
  • Aircraft Quality Aluminum
  • Non-Reflective Matte Finish
  • Durable And Scratch Resistance
  • Water And Fog Proof
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • No Eye Relief Range Mentioned
  • No Compatibility List

Whom is Truglo Shotgun Scope for?

In earlier years the rifle scopes are only allowed for the military uses, but in the present or I may point it as since the 1990s, the scopes are marketed for the commons. The Truglo scope is perfect for long range shooting; especially if you can’t go too close to your target like, turkey or deer. You won’t miss any of your prey due to lens reflection; because the scope is totally reflection resistant. You might use to hunt or roam in wet or foggy conditions in different polarities; no problem the piece is O-ring sealed and nitrogen infilled; that makes it water and fog proof. You can rock and roll on any dimension of land; because the scope is safeguarded by aircraft quality aluminum.


Question: What is the reticle of the scope? Is there any diamond in the center?
Answer: I think every scope has a crosshair and at the center of the crosshair there is a diamond reticle in this model.

Question: What is the eye relief?
Answer: As far as I know its 4inch but it seems lesser than that.

Our Remarks

This is a specialized one for shotgun hunting with high quality multi-coated telescopic lenses. If you are a passionate hunter, then your search for a perfect hunting scope is over because there is no other scope is more compatible than this one. This is providing highest zoom in and out for bull’s eye target. For more confidence, you can compare this to B01BNSHMWG on the internet. The scopes are not so different from one another, but you must remain a concern; if you are searching for a special one like, this one is special for long range hunting with sharp edge precision. I hope you get the overall idea. Thanks for reading the review. For bow scopes, please search by these keywords; Truglo 4×32 camo crossbow scope, Truglo bow scope and more.

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