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Kowa Tsn 880 Series Spotting Scope Review

Kowa TSN-880 Series Spotting Scope

For an avid bird hunter, flawless equipment can make a huge difference between a successful hit and a miss. You cannot recreate a breathtaking, beautiful sight or a missed golden moment. Wandering when we see that spotting scopes are gaining popularity so quickly among the outdoor fanatics. Spotting scopes are a kind of small telescope that comes with an ergonomic design to observe terrestrial site. Spotting scopes assembled with more magnification with the powerful objective lens than binoculars.

These are used for different purposes, for example, bird watching, nature study, wildlife observation, shooting, and hunting. If you are enthusiastic about any of these, choose Kowa spotting scope which is one of the best scopes. 60 years of experience in Kowa optics and the passion is manifested for the models of new TSN-880 Series. This unit offers an angled viewing design which the most comfortable alternative if you are glassing for a while or sharing the device among a group.

Whom is Kowa Tsn 880 Spotting Scope for?

The Kowa TSN-883 88-millimeter angular Spotting Scope is created using the most advanced optical technology by Kowa. This is a high-performance spotting scope which is assembled with rugged construction and the most sophisticated specifications which make Kowa Scope the perfect night vision scope for every bird watcher, hunter, nature and wildlife observation, or target shooter. Its large 88mm objective lens means that you can even use it for casual stargazing.

Kowa Optimed TSN-880 Spotting Scope Explained

Kowa used Fluorite crystal which is an ideal optical material facilitates by trimming down chromatic aberration to provide an imaginable viewing experience of its kind. This series uses the top components to accomplish an ergonomically compact design and the modern optical technology to deliver outstanding optical performance. The TSN-883 model has a built-in 88mm diameter objective lens which makes the Kowa spotting scopes a flagship.

This crystal coating grows mono-crystal with ultra-low dispersion, an artificial impact which is absent in normal optical glass to make this large lens to gather light. Kowa uses Magnesium Alloy as a construction material of housing which comes to beneficial to decrease the weight of Kowa Scope, and with a rugged structure, it can endure the toughest conditions at the same time.

Kowa spotting scopes feature a dual focus mechanism with distinct focus buttons for rough or fine-tuning, and a locking mechanism attaches the eyepieces in place so that it cannot be lost. This casing is waterproof to JIS standards/class 7 protection, and dry nitrogen gas filling turns the lens aside from fogging, allowing this Kowa scope usable in the rain and other rough weather conditions.


  • Product Dimensions 16.5 x 6.5 x 7
  • Weight 3.35 pounds
  • Color Green
  • Item model number TSN-883
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty


  • With rugged construction and the most sophisticated specifications, this angled spotting scope has 88mm objective lens to provide high-performance
  • Constructed of durable, polycarbonate materials making the unit lightweight yet it is a rigid structure
  • When coupled with fluorite crystal eyepieces, this scope gives the sharpest and brightest images possible
  • The housing of this scope comes with JIS / class 7 standard meaning that it is waterproof
  • Dry nitrogen filling makes the lens fog resistance
  • Featuring a Dual Focus Mechanism offering the snug of quick and fine focus
  • This unit has an angled eyepiece to provide extended, and high-angle use with ease
  • The eyepiece is firmly fixed to the scope body so that it cannot be lost if falls off


  • The Kowa scope does not come with an affordable price point

Our Remarks

In a nutshell, the housing of the Kowa spotting scope is of the best quality and made to a very high standard. It is compact as well as lightweight for a scope having a large 88mm objective lens. The glass used in the lens is as good as it gets, as are their coatings, which consecutively produce one of the excellent images you can get. If the price is a little concern, then you can look for Gosky 20-60X Prism Spotting Scope which is an inexpensive gadget comes with Digiscoping adapter. If the price does not matter, go for Kowa Scope as its Fluorite crystal eyepieces give brighter and clear image with perfect brightness without color blur. Choices come down to your needs.


Question : Is the Kowa TSN-880 Spotting Scope waterproof and fog proof?
Answer : This casing is waterproof to JIS standards/class 7 protection. The frame is filled with dry nitrogen which protects the lens from fogging. This feature makes the Kowa scope user-friendly and uses comfortably when in the rain and any rough weather conditions.

Question : Does the lens minimize color blur?
Answer : Chromatic aberration is commonly known as color blur which occurs because of the dispersion of light. Another reason is due to the different wavelengths, the light focus on multiple positions. As a result, red or purple fringing arises around the image. Kowa uses Fluorite crystal lenses that minimize color blur or chromatic aberration to give better resolution and contrast.

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