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Athlon Optics Spotting Scope Review

Sturdy Aluminum Tube Athlon Optics

How do you feel about long range shooting? No doubt it’s an exciting practice and obviously to be on target every time is not a joke. You will need the proper assistance and environment to pierce off the center regularly. Athlon optics comes with their sturdy rifle scope which has a magnification of up to 24x. Will it be enough to make your long range shooting perfect? Athlon understands the users need and they come up with the argon-purged aluminum constructed tube to make sure users are getting the highest quality scopes to perform with the perfect for any kind of long-range shooting in any situation. Let’s check out how Athlon can help its users to be the best shooter.

Whom is Athlon Optics Spotting Scope for?

The magnification power of this simple optic indicates that you can go for big shots easily with the help of this optic. A 24x magnification will give you a clear view of the objects that are 300 meters away, and you don’t get the clear view of something that is 300 meters away from you with the bare eyes. Also, this optics is waterproof and thermal stabilized by the Argon purging the tube so you would be able to use this rifle scope in any weather condition with ease. It should not gather any fog inside the tube; thus you get a clear lens at any situation. You would enjoy carrying this kind of scope for every shooting session.

6-24x 50 mm Athlon optics Explained

What do you check out first in a rifle scope? I guess it’s the magnification and how sturdy the tube is. So there is no reason that a scope with 24x magnification can’t make the targets as clear as they are just inches away. Also, you don’t need to put your eyes into the lens to target the objects. You keep yourself calm and neck muscles in a comfortable position with the help of the wide eye relief. You might be thinking about the elevation adjustment by now. No worries!

Athlon scopes feature the standard settings for the elevation adjustment. It has got the total 18 mil adjustment range and 5 mils in a full rotation of the adjustment knob. With 0.1 mil click value, it makes the adjustment really efficient and enjoying for the users. The construction is always important for any kind of tool. 6061 Aluminum tube makes sure the users are getting a strong scope for their shooting. The tube is Argon purged which makes it waterproof and gives you the flexibility to move with the scope in any weather condition or situation. The argon purged tube does not allow any fog to store inside and keeps the lenses clear all time.


  • Brand Athlon Optics
  • Dimensions 17″ x 5″ x 4″
  • Weight 1.85 lbs
  • Length 14.1?
  • Magnification 6-24x
  • Objective Lens 50mm
  • First Focal Plane 30 mm
  • Parallax adjustment 10 yards to infinity
  • Tube Diameter 30 mm
  • Exit pupil 8.2-2.1 mm
  • Eye relief 3.2?


  • FFP reticle works perfectly with every power setting
  • The zoom works nicely for the FFP reticle
  • Multicoated lenses give you the required light transmission
  • The etched reticle on the glass offers higher shock resistance to recoil
  • Argon purged tube for waterproofing and thermal stability
  • 6061T6 high-grade aluminum tube


  • Stiff knobs to adjust the power and parallax

Our Remarks

After all the discussion there shouldn’t be any confusion about 6-24x 50 Athlon optics. It has got all the features that a smart rifle scope should have. You may not find any negative Athlon optics review, which is another plus for this rifle scope. You can easily carry this rifle scope to every shooting range for its lightweight structure. You might think about its price. It is 249$ at For a rifle scope like this, it’s nothing. You will surely love this scope.


Question : What is the MOA of this Athlon scope, I am not able to get it?
Answer :The MOA is about 0.1 mil.

Question : What is the elevation adjustment?
Answer :18 mil elevation adjustments are available for this Athlon optics Argos btr. You will be able to change the elevation 5mil after a rotation of the knob.

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