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Nightfox 100V Night Vision Binocular Review

Nightfox 100V Widescreen Digital Night Vision Infrared Binocular

Getting view at night is now no wonder. Maybe a great source of fascination a few years back. It’s now available and within your reach. Night vision optics were first introduced in WWII since then it’s a popular item among the people. Yes, it has an extensive military use. It does not mean ordinary people can’t afford or collect this kind of awesome tool. The Nightfox has introduced infrared binoculars to keep it simple for the mass people.

The Nightfox infrared binocular is relatively low in price, but the manufacturer has assured the top class user experience. It’s really great to have a binocular with a widescreen to get all the view in a comfortable way. Infrared optics makes it possible to get images at night. Along with the night vision, you can also have the daylight view with the help of this simple tool. Really a convenient tool, a single tool covering smartly all the time.

Whom is Nightfox 100V For?

Infrared binoculars can be used for a wide range of activities. People who love to go camping would need this badly at night. You have to be cautious at night to remain safe. The law enforcement guys might love this kind of tool to keep track of everything around him/ her. A property owner also can make good use of the tool to enhance the security of the area he/ she acquires.

Nightfox 100v Night Vision Explained

Nightfox comes with real user-friendly night vision binocular that has got a wide view. It takes the viewing through binocular to the next level. The wide view will help the users to get a greater eye relief which leads the users to use this tool even wearing the goggles on the eye. It’s really tough to get this kind of quality night vision tool at such a low price. Along with the wide view, you get the top class magnification also. 3x auto magnification gives you a better image of the objects that you are looking for. There is a button to provide you the digital zooming of 2x.

This binocular will help you to terminate the need of night vision glasses. Moreover, you get the magnification power with the binocular. You can say you can’t use the binocular like infrared goggles. To get the magnification, it’s fair to take some load. With the help of an infrared scope not only the military personnel gets the benefit; the DIYers also can get facility from it. For camping, you can have Nightfox infrared binoculars to have the view at night. You will be able to enjoy the activity of nocturnal animals.


  • Dimension 7.3? x 2.2? x 5.7?
  • Weight 1.33 lbs
  • Viewing Range 110 yards at Night
  • Magnification 3x Fixed Magnification and 2x Digital Zoom
  • Battery Life 6 Hours
  • Temperature Range -4°F to 140°F
  • Batteries Required 8 AA Batteries
  • Warranty 18 Months


  • Widescreen viewing monitor
  • Comfortable viewing even with the glasses
  • Simple, Straight, and instant operation
  • Clear view of the objects
  • Tough tool usable in any condition


  • No pouch with the package to keep the binocular

Our Remarks

Question : What voltage battery do I need to run this type of infrared binoculars?
Answer : 1.5 Volt batteries are enough for it.

Question : Will I be capable to see the animals at the night that are dark in color?
Answer : Absolutely no problem to watch the animals at night with it. It can catch the eyes of the animal easily in the night. If you want to boost the viewing, you can have an external Infrared flashlight with it.

Question : How it works in the daylight?
Answer :It has got the attachments for comfortable daylight viewing.


A few years ago, it was a dream for the ordinary people to enjoy night activity with the help of any infrared binoculars. Days have changed you can now easily access to a night vision binocular, and the Nightfox scope has gone further with the wide viewing option which is applaudable. You can now enjoy and look over the night activity comfortably.

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