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Best Noise Cancelling Earplugs for Sleeping- Reviews & Guide

Earplugs are a type of device to provide protection from noises inserted into the ear to block loud noise or the intrusion of water, foreign bodies dust, cold and strong wind entering into the ear canal. The primary use of the best noise cancelling earplugs for sleeping is to protect you from hearing loss resulting from constant exposure to excessive noise. Most earplugs are made of foam material and are come with moldable design, so that they can fit into the shape of ear canal.  The best earplugs are comfortable to wear all day long.

Market is awash with different types of earplugs. Because these devices are used for multiple purposes. Most common types of earplugs are sleeping, shooting, swimming, flying. Working in any loud environment requires noise reduction earplugs. These hearing devices are necessary to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Then comes music industry. Musicians spend an extensive amount of time around damaging noise levels.

So, you can see the challenge. With so many different types of earplugs flooding the market how would you pick the best earplugs? We would like to put a brief discussion on your steps to find the best earplugs.

How Do We Pick the Earplugs for Noise Reduction?

In our quest of finding the best earplugs, we have found five different aspects that define an ideal hearing gadget. These are easy of use, comfortable fit, good noise reduction, the right material and finally secure fit. Here is a short discussion on these 5 criteria and your best earplugs should have these features. Ease of use: Earplugs should have simple design to insert and remove easily. Foam plugs should expand in a steady pace. If they expand so quickly then you would not have the time to put them into the ear after rolling them up, but they also should not take so long that you have to wait for several minutes holding the earplug in place.

Comfortable fit: If your earplugs are uncomfortable, it is highly likely that you will not wear them for a long time. Earplugs should have snug fitting. They should not leave your ears either irritated or overheated. Good noise reduction: The effectiveness of earplugs is specified by a measurement known as noise reduction rating (NRR). Typical NRR ratings is 15-35 decibels. The higher the ratings, the better is the product.

The right material: Foam earplugs have versatile use. They can be used for sleeping or working in any noisy environment. Earplugs also designed for specific use. For example, swimming, diving, listening. So, your best earplugs will be how you intend to use it. Secure-fit: wearing a pair of earplugs would be useless if they fall out of your ears easily. So, the best thing is before purchasing a large quantity of earplugs test the earplugs to see if they are securely fit into your ear.

Best Noise Cancelling Earplugs for Sleeping- Top 10 Reviews

01 Mpow 60 Pairs Soft Foam Ear Plugs

Mpow 60 Pairs Soft Foam Ear Plugs

Unlike other earplugs that packed all together in a jar, Mpow earplugs comes in one pair in per pillow pack packaging system This is to deliver guaranteed hygiene and convenient carrying. The NRR or the noise reduction ratings of earplugs is 32db. This mean that the plug can blocks out a maximum of 32 decibels of noise.

The Mpow earplugs features tapered design for easy insertion and removal and good for any ear size canal. This orange color earplugs are made of environmental and non-toxic PU material to ensure safety and comfort. It is designed to wear easily. First roll the earplug into a tight, crease-free cylinder then pull ear up and back and then insert it. This product offers 45 days money-back and 12-month warranty.


  • Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.6 x 3.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.4 ounces
  • Color: Orange
  • Item model number: PAMPHM072AY
  • Part Number: 072AY
  • Material: foam
  • Warranty: Every Mpow Product includes a 45 days money back & 18-month worry-free guarantee!


  • Lasting comfortability
  • Block unwanted noises
  • Free from the feeling of oppression
  • Multiple uses
  • Improved hygiene

Our Verdict

The Mpow foam earplugs are molded with super low-pressure and tapered foam to provide maximum comfort. Made of ultra-soft PU material, the low-pressure foam is designed to fit ear canal for enhanced comfort. These earplugs can be used comfortably for many hours. The earplug is a lifesaver for people with sensitive ear canals.

02 3M 92059-80025T Disposable Earplugs

3M 92059-80025T Disposable Earplugs

The 3M disposable orange or purple color earplugs come in 80-pair with NRR rating 32db. It is the world’s softest earplugs. The earplugs are made from self-adjusting foam which provides low pressure with excellent attenuation. It is used for hardware, Fasteners and hooks. Weighing 3.2 ounces, the product’s dimension is 1.8 x 4.8 x 8.4 inches.

The main raw material of the comfortable earplug is polyurethane foam which contain synthetic latex but contains no natural rubber. Manufacturer 3M have another similar product 3M Tekk 90579-00000T protection disposable earplugs are made from PVC with no latex, synthetic or natural rubber.


  • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 4.8 x 8.4 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 Ounces
  • Item model number: 92059-80025T


  • Super soft
  • Excellent hearing protection
  • Reduce sound significantly
  • Very comfortable
  • Small enough to stay in

Our Verdict

3M disposable earplugs are the world’s softest earplugs. Its more like a self-adjusting foam that provides low pressure with excellent attenuation. The foam is dermatologically safe and cause no rush or any other skin hazard.  It’s NRR or nose reduction rate is 32db. The earplugs offer good protection at a good price.

03 3M Personal Protective Equipment Uncorded Earplugs

3M Personal Protective Equipment Uncorded Earplugs

The 3M uncorded earplugs are the world’s foam earplugs that set the standard in hearing protection. The slow recovery, low pressure foam is designed in accordance with the shape of the ear canal for enhanced comfort and wear ability. Moisture resistance feature of the earplugs maintain a consistent expansion time, even in humid conditions. The earplugs noise reduction rating is 29DB or CSA class AL. CSA is a method of rating hearing protection devices that are used in Canada. Both CSA and NRR are similar system. One is used in the United States and the other is used in Canada.

The earplugs are flame resistant for potential arc flash situations and safer storage.  Each pack contains 200 pair of earplugs and yellow low- pressure earplugs are not perfumed. They are nice and odorless. Each pair is individually packaged in little poly bags.


  • Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 9.6 x 8.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Color: Yellow


  • Very hygienic
  • Great ear plugs for reducing noise
  • Comfortable ear plugs
  • Stopped sweating and itching of inner ears
  • Do not macerate ear canal
  • Two Hundred Pairs Of Individually Packaged Earplugs

Our Verdict

The 3M uncorded earplugs were the world’s first foam earplugs and one of the most widely used earplugs until now. The paradoxical feature of the product is it stiff enough when compressed to make fitting easy but soft enough to wear comfortably for an extended period of time. The earplugs fit snugly to create a noise barrier against loud sounds and enable you to work in a noisy environment for example in chipping, chiseling, drilling, welding, riveting and many more. They are great earplugs for affordable price.

04 Radians Uncorded Foam Earplugs

Radians Uncorded Foam Earplugs

The Radians Foam earplugs are packed in a plastic jar. Each jar contains 25 pair of earplugs. Their noise reduction rating is 32DB. They are not packaged in pair but loose in the bottle. These earplugs are squishy. They are foam like stuff. In order to put into your ear, roll them in your fingers and insert them into the ear, and they may fill your ear canal.

These Radians foam earplugs are tapered and very spongey. So they can be wear for long hours and do not cause skin irritation or scratching of ear canal. What’s more, the bulk jar is the most economical way to buy ear plugs. They are the most effective for attending a concert where noise level is expected to reach 100DB. In such noisy environment, you cannot hear anything without wearing the Radians foam earplugs.


  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2.88 ounces
  • Size: 1Pack
  • Item model number: FP70RD/25


  • Fit nicely
  • Easy to put into ears
  • Very high quality
  • Signification noise reduction
  • Very economical

Our Verdict

The Radians foam earplugs comes with tapered shape that offers the most natural fit and seal for the ear canal. Earplugs smooth shiny surface repels dirt. Their low pressure, self-adjusting foam construction offer long wearing comfort and quick recovery time. These are priced good.

05 Otis Technology Ear Shield Hearing Protection

Otis Technology Ear Shield Hearing Protection

The Otis ear shield hearing device offers protection of your hearing while improving your response to range commands and other communication. It changes sport shooter experience with its ear shield’s new sound reduction chamber technology. The salient feature of this technology is it shield your ears from high-decibel noise comfortably while hearing other sound frequencies, like speech clearly without removing your gear.

The ear shield comes with compact design. The design will not get in the way of achieving the proper cheek weld. During shooting proper cheek height adjustment is known as cheek weld and is the key to shooting accuracy. Hunters and shooters can use this accessory without not too much concern of achieving proper cheek weld.


  • Color: Lightweight And Collapsible
  • Item model number: FG-ESH-26-P


  • Cool and comfortable
  • Improves communication
  • Much better than standard ear plugs
  • Good product for warmer climates
  • Comfortable to wear

Our Verdict

The Otis ear shield protection is a lightweight and collapsible device that eliminate stock interference and improves communication. The device does not require batteries. These products are great for shooting rifles on an indoor range. They greatly reduce loud noise but allow you to hear conversation.

06 Surefire EP3 Sonic Defenders

Surefire EP3 Sonic Defenders

The Surefire Sonic defenders feature double-flange-stem design to fit most people and delivers a noise reduction rating of 24 DB. The gear allows sounds at safe level to pass through ear canal. The device features a proprietary design that incorporates the patented Hocks noise Braker filters. The filters functionality is to reduce potentially harmful noises (above 85 DB). The EP3 sonic defenders include stopper plugs which can be inserted for further protection and blocking out lower-level noise.

The sonic defenders are made from a soft but durable, hypoallergenic polymer and are come with ergonomically shaped adjustable stem design. The sonic defenders are left-right color coded and they fit securely and comfortably for all day long.


  • Product Life: 3 To 6+ Months
  • NRR: 24DB


  • Serve as earpiece for radio communication
  • Secure fit
  • All-day comfort
  • Extended product life
  • Low profile design

Our Verdict

The Surefire sonic defenders is a great gear that protect your hearing but will not hinder your ability to hear important sound and conversations. The device’s double-flange-stem design fits most peoples ear. Its NRR or noise reduction rating is 24DB. The product life is 3 to 6+ months depending on usage and care. Their low profile design means they can be worn while wearing a helmet or mask or while using a phone or headset.

07 DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection

DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection

The DownBeats hearing protection device is ideal for product for concert goers. It reduces sound moderately and evenly for a better concert experience. Speech, high notes and music turn into crisp and clear in your ear after wearing the device. It comes with durable aluminum case with clips to attaches it easily to keys, belts or bags for easier portability.

Because of low profile design of ear plugs, it is not so recognizable in ear. Though DownBeats are small, but they can be dialing down the volume 18 decibels yet clearly retaining the clarity of sounds. They will work with full-face motorcycle helmet. They fit close into the ear and do not protrude to interfere with the helmet. They are reusable. The best way to clean them is dip and rinse in warm soapy water or just warm water.


  • Dimensions: 0.8 X 0.8 X 2 Inches
  • Weight: 0.48 Ounces
  • Color: Purple


  • Better concert experience
  • Great for use at loud live events
  • Clear and pleasantly audible high-notes and speeches
  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable in the ear

Our Verdict

DownBeats hearing protection is one type of earplugs that are great for concerts, music festivals, nightclubs and other loud live events. It reduces sound level moderately and evenly. The earplugs are not so much noticeable in ear because of its subtle design.

08 SureFire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra filtered Earplugs

SureFire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra filtered Earplugs

The SureFire EP7 Sonic defenders earplugs are made from a soft but durable, hypoallergenic polymer. Their foam-tipped stem design fits most people. The earplugs features a proprietary design that incorporates a special noise-reduction filter. The filter allowed sounds of safe level to pass through into ear canal while reduce intensity of sound level of above 85DB. Depending on usage and care, the product’s lifetime is more than months.

The devices feature patented EarLock retention rings to lock the earplugs in place while their soft foam-tipped stems make for secure seals in your ear canals. They have low-profile design allows to wear them while wearing a helmet or mask, or while using a phone or headset. They come in three colors: clear, black or orange with a price range of $15.24 – $51.30.


  • Item model number: EP7-SPR-Parent
  • NRR: 24DB


  • Work great at the range
  • Super comfortable
  • Good seal when inserted correctly
  • Accurate noise rating system
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Available In Multiple Colors

Our Verdict

The EP7 Sonic defenders earplugs protect your sensitive inner area without interfering with your ability to hear routine sounds and conversation. The Ear plugs NRR is 28 DB. In order to reinforce ear protection, the EP7 earplugs include filter caps for an additional protection and a block for lower-level noise. The earplugs can also serve as earpieces for compatible radio communication system.

09 Decibullz – Custom Molded Earplugs

Decibullz - Custom Molded Earplugs

Decibullz is a custom molded Earplugs. Custom molded means they easily and quickly fitted to the exact shape of your ear. They feature easy shape system. In order to shape that will fit with your ear, heat the Decibullz thermoplastic molds in boiling water, let it cool for sometime and shape it to your ear. But if you do not get the perfect fit in first time. Don’t be fret. Because Decibullz are the only custom earplugs that re-moldable.

The Decibullz earplugs are useful in many situations. They are perfect for shooting, traveling, working, attending loud concerts. They come with foam tips and three different sized silicone tips. They fit any ear canal. The earplugs can be use during swimming because they would keep water out of your ears. With silicone tips the NRR of the earplugs is 22DB.


  • Weight: 0.64 Ounces
  • Color: Black
  • Item model number: PLG1BLK


  • Very easy to mold
  • Multiple color options
  • Great fit and feel
  • Very comfortable
  • Re-moldable if needed
  • Available In 5 Different Colors

Our Verdict

Decibullz custom Molded earplugs are designed to fit easily and quickly into your ear. This is a prefect fitting earplug that will never hurt, never fall out and provide superior noise isolation. The Decibullz are only custom earplugs that are re-moldable. This means that if you do not get the perfect fit in the first time, they can be re-shape again to fit into your ear canal. They are great for shooting, traveling, working, attending live concerts.

10 SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus Filtered Earplugs

SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus Filtered Earplugs

The SureFire EP4 earplugs come with 24db noise reduction ratings with filter caps inserted. The earplugs lower potentially dangerous noise levels above 85db.  Their soft, adjustable, triple-flanged stem design fits larger ear canals to provide all-day comfort. Wearing a mask, helmet or hat is not a problem while putting these earplugs into ear thanks to their low-profile design. The Right and left earpiece have two different colors. The earplugs are made from soft yet durable, hypoallergenic polymer (a medical grade polymer) that is responsible for proving all-day comfort.

Depending on usage and care, the product may lasts more than 6 months. The earplugs feature patented Earlock retention rings that utilize seven contact points to lock earpiece in place and provide a constant way of fitting every time. SureFire EP4 reusable earplugs also serve as earpieces for compatible radio.


  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Item model number: EP4-BK-Par


  • Low-profile design
  • Very comfortable
  • Great at noise reduction/canceling
  • Stylish with great fit
  • Last longer
  • 24db Noise Reduction Ratings With Filter Caps Inserted
  • Low Profile Desig
  • Two Layers Of Protection With Filter Caps In Or Out

Our Verdict

The EP4 sonic defenders plus earplugs protect your hearing without hindering your ability to hear normal sounds or conversations. They fit larger ear canals due to their triple-flanged stem design. The earplugs can be worn while wearing a helmet or mask or while using a phone or headset. They also serve as earpiece for compatible radio communication system. There are three different sizes: small, medium (most desirable), and large. They also come in 3 different colors.

Final Verdict

So far, we have discussed so many things on an essential device, earplugs, that is designed and manufactured to prevent an irreparable physical damage-hearing loss. We try to give you an idea how to find the best earplugs. At this point, we hope that you are confident enough to find select the best one. However, we not want to leave you right way. We have a few recommendations to ease out your buying decision.

If quality primarily dictates your buying decision, two great quality products are out there: 3M Personal Protective Equipment Uncorded Earplugs and Mpow 60 Pairs Soft Foam Ear Plugs. If elegant features are your main focal point when buying something then two great products are waiting for you. These are Radians Uncorded Foam Earplugs and 3M 92059-80025T Disposable Earplugs.

The cheapest of the above products are DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection and SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus Filtered Earplugs. Lastly, you may want to spend a few more dollars for a highly popular product, SureFire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra filtered Earplugs would be the right choice. The ultimate buying decision would take by no one, but you! So, happy buying!

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