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With the development of cell phone cameras, people tend to take photos while staying anywhere anytime.  The digital zooming options of the cell phone have direct impact on the quality of the images. If you have a spotting scope, you can mount your cellphone with an adapter to get the right type/level of optical zoom.

Most spotting scopes, binoculars, and telescope adapters are made for iPhone. Solomark Smartphone Adapter is different as it is designed for the majority of the devices. Solomark Smartphone Adapter makes digiscoping easier as its convenient phone case and eyepiece are easy to adjust and carry. Here is our review of Solomark Smartphone Adapter that we have been used for our cellphone with a list of pros and cons.

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01 Solomark Smartphone Adapter Overview

Solomark Smartphone Adapter made of durable plastic materials and designed for smartphones that have 55-102mm width.

This adapter comes with an 11mm light hole that can be easily used in the cell phone with 25-46mm eyepiece. This size is suitable for most of the devices that can be used as a monocular adapter or binocular adapter.

To protect your cell phone from scratch, this telescope adapter offers protection from three directions. The Screw locks attached to the base hold your cell phone firmly with the scope.

02 Specifications

03 Feature Analysis

04 Pros & Cons

05 Final Verdict

Solomark Smartphone Adapter is a budget-friendly adapter that delivers perfect performance with any kinds of scope. Though it is made of plastic, you will love this adapter for versatile functionality.

Using this adapter mount, birding, hunting, spotting, site viewing will be easier, and you can take pictures. Do not worry about quality; scope has an optical zoom that will not sacrifice any image quality.

So, you can consider buying the Solomark Smartphone Adapter if you want to convert your scope into a digital camera with optical zooming ability.

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