Redfield Rangefinder 117862 Raider 600A For Effective Use

Redfield Rangefinder 117862 Raider 600A For Effective Use

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The Raider 600A Redfield Rangefinder is a lightweight Digital Laser Rangefinder which is compact and weighs only 9.6 ounces. The new 600A model is an upgraded version over the old model 500 having an added advantage with the angle of view which is a part of a calculation.

A built-in LCD display is there to show the calculated distance covered on the field of view. The display also shows a crosshair reticle within the field of view of the observer, and there is an indicator to show battery status. This is a super simple digital rangefinder and can measure the distance at most 600 yards away of a highly reflective object and most wildlife within the distance of 400 yards.

This device will perform well provided with simple functionality, and it is easy to use and precise. It gives an outstanding result at zeroing firearms. Setting your firearms with complete accuracy, you can take this equipment at the range of shooting. The benefit of doing this you can get is beating the inexact range marks while measuring.

It comes with a very dynamic ranging ability, and the feature is beneficial and easy to use even though the slightest movement of the target. The range will be dynamically displayed on the screen as soon as the object changes its position while pressing and holding the single knob. The magnification allows seeing the placement for the shot on target. The Range Finder adds the angle of compensation offering you a horizontal distance view in a viewer term. So, this is a useful targeting Redfield Rampage Spotting Scope. The size of the product is slightly larger.

You need to press the single button on top of the housing to operate a user-friendly interface. For that, it needs to hold the activation button for a while to enable the Scan mode. It is a useful function to get the range of a moving object in real-time and to determine the distance from the target by scanning the visual scene. Redfield Rangefinder Raider 600A is such an essential hunting device when you are on a hunt with many gears.


Product Dimensions5- inch x 4.2- inch x 3.2-inch
Item Model Numbe117862
Weight9.6 ounces
Part Number117862
Angle of View
Measurement Accuracy ±1 yd
ModelRaider 600A
Measurement Range600 yd
Display Type LCD
Operating Knob1-Button
Battery IndicatorIn-View
OpticsFully Multicoated

Common Questions and Answers

Question : What is the difference between the 600 and 600A?

Answer :

With 600, you will get the slope distance while 600A offers you with the horizontal distance. A is for the angle of compensation.

Question : Will it display the shooting distance from an upward slope to the target if the target is above you?

Answer :

Yes, you will get the distance uphill.

Our Remarks

Raider 600A Redfield Rangefinder is very accurate if you manually measure it out to check the yardage. It is really easy to operate, and you can also use your device out in the rain. This product held up an excellent product for the value.

There are many rangefinders which are convenient for use. For example, Tectectec Pro Rangefinder for Wild Hunting is good for the price. But, this one is not so good as our Raider 600A since the earlier one has a coverage of 540 yards while the same for the later one is 600 yards! That means Redfield Raider is better due to its extra coverage with dynamic ranging advantage. But, Tectectec Pro is easy to carry and flexible to use, and measures angles from the tree viewpoint. In the end, it is totally your choice and necessarily vital that you will pick range finder hunting that meets your needs.

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