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Aurosports Monocular Reviews – Waterproof Pocket Monoculars

Aurosports 8-24×30 Waterproof Pocket Monoculars Review

To see a faraway object with one eye, there is a low-powered telescope which is lightweight and compact: a monocular. They are actually half the size of a set of binoculars. They have a high-quality construction but price – lesser than that of a pair of binoculars. Whenever hunting, or watching open-air concert or taking a quick glimpse at something, monoculars are the best for them.

Such a quality monocular is the Aurosports 8-24×30 with a comfortable field of view that offers a wide area coverage range. This feature is convenient to get an immersive experience. Its variable angle of view is another convenience in a way that you will not miss a moving object while tracking it at the time of peering through the monocular lens. Telescopic 8-24×30 waterproof monoculars lens cone and adjustable eyecup fit for people which mainly depends on how you plan to use it. The benefits are not limited to one or two such things, but there are more. To get acquainted with further details, please go through our review.

Aurosports Monocular Explained

The Aurosports 8-24×30 Monoculars used an alloy as its construction inner material which is made of magnesium and aluminum. This monocular is 5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches in height which makes it a compact device. At 156g weight, Aurosports Pocket Monoculars are so lightweight that it will be no problem to carry with. The outer surface is rubberized for non-slip grip. With a range of 8x to 24x magnification, a user can adjust the zoom capacity of this monocular. It has a 30 mm ocular lens and 15 mm big eyepiece. These features will provide a crisp and clear view.

BaK-4 prism with multi-layer broadband FMC green film coating and HD blue film increase light transmission with a vivid and high-contrast ratio for sharp images. Its twist-up eyecup allows for proper height adjustment for exact position. Turn the central focusing wheel for a smooth focus and zoom adjustment to obtain a crystal-clear view. Aurosports has used nitrogen gas with a purity of 99.999% for special applications. Lenses with high-purity gas filling deliver waterproof and fog proof performance. It makes this monocular suitable for any tough environment or harsh weather. The item is tripod adaptable and can be equipped with a phone clip. It helps to capture pictures or watching the beautiful view through a smartphone.


  • Dimensions 5-in x 1.5-in x 1.5-in
  • Weight 156 g
  • Minimum size 125mm x 40mm
  • Maximum size 170mm x 40mm
  • Model Number 8-24×30
  • Magnification 8x to 24x times
  • Eyepiece Diameter 15 mm
  • Objective Diameter 30 mm
  • Field of View at 1000m 45.5m to 80.5m
  • Angle of View 2.6-degree (24x) to 4.6-degree (8x)
  • Prism System BaK-4
  • Lens Coating Multilayer broadband green film
  • Focus Mode Central Rotating focus
  • Material Magnesium Aluminum Alloy
  • Waterproof Technology Life waterproof


  • The Aurosports pocket monoculars are very lightweight and compact. They offer clear views under low light conditions in the night. These are an admirable combination of size.
  • A wide field of view helps to find the subject easily. The angle of view on this optics is too good to get a wider view.
  • Its BaK-4 prism comes with a multi-layer broadband coating that increases light transmission for a bright image with high-contrast
  • The twist-up eyecups are adaptable which is a real plus. Making


  • It could be a little blur at 24x as you get
  • Not ideal to use in extreme dark light

Whom is Aurosports Monocular for?

hese monoculars are powerful which come with high-quality components. It helps when seeing through the one-piece unit in the night with a dim light environment. But, it does not deliver better result in complete darkness. The optics have a wide field of view from 45.5m to 80.5m at 1000m is spacious enough for comfortable viewing. The apparent angular field of view comes at 2.6 degrees to 4.6 degrees letting you not miss an agile target at long distance. Dual Focus with BaK-4 prism and multi-layer coated lens for hunting, mountaineering, go camping, birding or measuring distance at the time of playing golf. This compact monocular is the right fit for both adults and kids.


Question: Is the item good for star gazing and planet observing?
Answer:Since it is not an astronomical telescope, it cannot give you so satisfactory result that you want for space observation.

Question: What packed with it?
Answer: The Aurosports 8-24×30 comes with a lens cover, a soft cleaning cloth for lens and a soft case.

Our Remarks

To conclude, there are few waterproof monoculars available in the market, if you one of them for all-weather performance, the Aurosports 8-24×30 has certain qualities to remain in your list. It is a lightweight miniature, and its compact design makes this item potable. Multi-coated broadband film coating and quality prism offer clear and sharp view even in dim light. Plus, they are environmentally friendly due to nitrogen filling. Overall, this one is an excellent item at such a price range that includes high-quality construction. The item is a bang for your bucks.

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