Leupold rx-1000i tbr Rangefinder

Leupold rx-1000i tbr Rangefinder

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Leupold RX-1000i tbr is a small and simple designed rangefinder which is very effective for hunting especially for the archery hunter. You can give the best performance with this Leopold range finder because it features Digitally Nhanced Accuracy (DNA) engine. And this DNA engine provides TBR (True Ballistic Range) as you can easily match the aim with the performance of rifle or bow.

This TBR has multiple ballistics setting options. So, you can target your aim easily with Leupold rangefinder Rx 1000 by calculating the incline, and it also helps you to target the line of sight range. For this ballistics setting system, Leupold Rx 1000i tbr DNA is suitable for both rifle hunters and bow hunters which has three selectable reticles such as Leupold plus point, duplex, and duplex with Leupold plus point.

These reptiles are very helpful for the rifle hunters to get the right range of aim to target and bow hunters get the actual horizontal distance on the incline for accurate shooting.

Leupold 1000i tbr features OLED display which is a really bright display that can increase higher light transmission. This rangefinder features three adjustable intensity setting for the user to change the brightness so you can match the OLED display to dynamic lighting conditions easily. Besides, the optics of this Leupold Rx 1000 are very colorful and bright. And 6x magnification provides you a very powerful view of both wild field and track movement. You can give the best with this Leupold RX-1000i tbr in both bow and rifle hunting.

Our Remarks

Leupold RX-1000i tbr is very effective for bow and rifle hunters both. It is a laser rangefinder which will provide you more fast and reliable readings. this rangefinder has bright optics and has OLED display which provide you very clear readings also high magnification power for the more clear view. Besides its adjustable setting option will provide you the perfect match of the OLED display to dynamic lighting conditions.

leupold 1000i tbr DNA features TBR (True Ballistic Range) which will provide you the actual range of information about your target, and it is effective to 800yards for rifle cartridges. It has three reticles settings for the rifle hunters and can provide the accurate horizontal distance for the bow hunters for accurate shooting on the incline.

Besides, this rangefinder is very simple and durable which is also weatherproof. If you wear eyeglasses you can also use it with comfort; you can easily adjust it or remove it quickly. This rangefinder is such useful equipment for the hunters.

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