Flir Thermal Scope For Your Real Life Hunting

Flir Thermal Scope For Your Real Life Hunting

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A night in the woods is really interesting. We, humans, are not nocturnal we don’t have the power to see the objects at night Flir thermal scope gives us the ability to watch out the things at night. The Flir Systems thermal vision riflescope is the perfect riflescope for your hunting after the sunset. This Flir R-Series Riflescope is comparatively low in price. It’s compact and easy-to-use, it gives the rock-solid thermal imaging when there is no light.

The Flirscope R-Series Night Vision Riflescope is the ideal night vision, professional level hunting scope because it detects heat energy, instead of visible light. Does not matter day or night, the body heat of animals will differentiate against the cooler backgrounds when seen through the scope. Traditional image intensified (I2) night vision scopes can't be compared with the power of thermal because it requires separation from moonlight or other light sources. They also can't give you the view what's going on in the shadows  in the same way a thermal imaging scope can.


Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 5 inches ; 5 pounds
Item Model Numbe431-0017-06-00
Focal Plane Array640x512 VOx
Framing capability30 Hertz
Focal Length 60mm
HFOV 10 degrees
Focus Manual
ZoomUp to 8x
Eye Relief3 inches
Reticles availableDuplex, Fine Duplex, German
Diopter Adjustment range +/-6
Operating Temperature range-4° to 122° F
Display type Active Matrix LCD
User InterfaceSimple four-button interface
Compatible with MSR semi-automatic up to .308 Cal

Common Questions and Answers

Question : Can we use it in the daylight?

Answer :

Surely you can, but you might not get the best result.

Question : Non game hunting’, what does it mean?

Answer :

It’s simple. Hunting something real in real time. There are some non-game animals like wild pigs or coyotes in Texas and many other states.

Our Remarks

When you are in shortage of budget, and yet you need a thermal scope this Flir thermal scope can be a great solution for you.  There is also an ATN thermal scope that can be a great help for your night adventure. This might be a cheap thermal scope in price, but you get all advantages just like you can get from another Flir thermal scope. The object detecting system of Flir night vision scope makes a tool to rely on the woods.

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