Celestron NexStar 130 SLT Telescope

Celestron NexStar 130 SLT Telescope

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Celestron Nexstar 130 slt is a kind of telescope which will provide you the clear observation of the moon, planets and bright deep space objects. It has more light gathering power, and Nexstar 130 slt has a large aperture of 130mm, and it provides 650mm focal length which is more powerful to see the moon in detail and clearly.

By using the additional primary mirror, you can explore some of the fainter Messier objects which is capable of more light gathering. celestron Nexstar 130slt computerised telescope is based on Newtonian design, and for this design, the mirror can provide you color corrected view.

Celestron 130 slt features computerized hand controlling technology; you will just assemble the telescope which let you slew automatically to any 4000+ stars, planets, and galaxies. You can easily enjoy the high-power views by pressing a button. For the sky alignment technology and the starpointer finder scope with a red LED which makes aligning a breeze that you can align fast and easily to any three bright celestial objects, and the scope is alert to locate any objects and provide the detail view of lunar surface, the rings of Saturn, the polar caps on Mars, belts cloud of Jupiter and other unclean objects like the great nebular in Orion, etc.

Celestron Nexstar 130slt computerized telescope is easy to set up with the tripod. And the tripod is durably made of stainless steel; it also has an adjustable height so that you can use the telescope in standing or sitting position. To reduce vibrations, the accessory tray is attached to it. you can easily set up the Celestron 130 slt without using any tools, and for fork mounting, you can release the telescope quickly.

Our Remarks

Celestron Nexstar 130 slt we have found as a wonderful telescope for locating any stars and other Messier objects. It is also simple to assemble and has the computerized technology to control automatically. It has alignment technology and has extra light gathering capability mirror. The scope is alert to provide you the view of the stars by locating any stars and will provide you more detail view about locating objects.

The scope is easy to handle and portable scope which is easy to set up and release without using any tools. You have to run your scope with batteries which will provide you the flexibility to set anywhere without the cord. It Will provide you quick visibility according to your exact time and location. The scope has software that you can control it via computer also. It is a wonderful scope for astronomical use that provides you color corrected view and will provide you best service with its quality.

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